Thursday, 30 December 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Hello again, merry blogsters!

Sorry it’s been a while, I have had no internet access in my house since Christmas Day, which is proving most unhelpful.  On Christmas Day I managed to sneak on and order 2 Lipsy dresses in the sale, and have been unable to get online since.  Sadly, that’s been the height of my sales shopping as I have been dying with the flu since Monday L one Christmas tradition I could live without!

OK, so these few bits I bought on Christmas Eve after work. The skirt £3, waistcoat £3, bag £5, necklace £4 and bangles £4, all Internaçionale clearance, plus everything was “Buy One Get One Half Price”, happy days.:

The ring and earrings above are from Diva at Miss Selfridge, and were half price, so I got the ring for £4.25 and the earrings… um I can’t remember! About £3 I think.  All for wearing with my new outfit, you see ;)

Here are some photos of what “Santa” got me:

The clothes are just some basics I picked out in Peacocks. Mainly for wearing with my new skirt and waistcoat!  The makeup case has made my room a lot tidier looking as I now don’t have makeup spilling out all over my shelves; however I was surprised my makeup filled it!  The leopard print dressing gown is lovely, very cosy and has been my main item of clothing these last few days since I’ve been ill.  The gloves are also very cosy, though thankfully the snow has gone now!  Nina by Nina Ricci is my favourite perfume ever, and so this bottle was long overdue.  Love it.  And the wee mini handbag size perfume is adorable.  Santa also got me this shoe stand:


The shoe stand has definitely saved me some space, although it isn’t the sturdiest piece of equipment! And though it claims to hold 18 pairs, it can't.  There just isn't enough room to fill it... or maybe it's cos all my shoes are so big :(

I wore all my new items of clothing with thick black tights and my Missguided shearling boots.  Final result = Christmas Day outfit:

My lovely boyfriend got me this:

The DVDs I picked myself, but the rest was a complete surprise.  I love Michael McIntyre, and had really wanted this book!  A necklace and matching earrings from my favourite jewellery shop, and VIP tickets to go see David Guetta! :D Mazing.

One of my good friends got me a gorge black studded dress and a Bourjois eyeshadow set.  The eyeshadows are lovely, my usual colours!

And I was very surprised by what my boss got me; it was something round wrapped up, and I thought it was just a box of Roses or biccies or something, but it was actually a lovely Ted Baker set of body lotions etc. (I think his wife picked it lol).  The case alone is beautiful!

I think I will leave it at this for now.  I should hopefully be recovered fully so that I can go out New Year’s Eve in my new Lipsy dress (the other didn’t fit) and will post a photo if it!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and has a great New Year too! x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

What Santa is bringing me...

If Santa can squeeze himself down my chimney tomorrow night, he should be leaving me:

A new make up case, to control my growing supplies of make up and nail polish;


A revolving shoe rack (minus the ugly shoes in the picture) to hold 18 pairs of my shoes; (it hasn't been delivered yet though, waaa!!)

And I was supposed to also be getting these ASOS Peaches Suede Platform Court Shoes in the Taupe colour;

But they arrived and didn't fit! I don't know why I put myself through it though, really - any ASOS shoes I've ordered never fit me, and they don't do size 9s.  These were sooooo beautiful too. Very sad about this :(

I'm also getting a big leopard print dressing gown/house coat (whichever you call them) and possibly some surprises if I'm good! 

I hope you all have a fabulous time this Christmas. Be healthy and happy this holiday season everyone xxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Jeans & Jewellery & Christmas Party


It's my work Christmas Party today! :D And we're going to a Chinese Restaurant! Ah well, I'll be getting turkey soon enough and I love chinese food so I'm not complaining!

So no doubt you're bored beyond belief seeing all my recent purchases, but I keep discovering more that I want to share :) 

I got some jewellery in Primark, including this snake ring, which was £2.  It's really sparkley and glittery, and reminds me of a snake ring I got in Florida about 7 years ago which broke :( so it's nice to have another - only thing is I hate trying on rings in the shop when they are attached to the plastic bit, it's so hard to tell how well it fits, so of course I got this in large and it's rather big! Will have to get a medium next time.

I also got these bracelets and multi-stoned ring in Primark. The bundle of bracelets was £1 and I liked the colour.  I think the ring was £2.50.  It's a medium and slightly better fit though a bit loose on my middle finger, which is where I prefer to wear it...

"When you flip me off, l'll have something shiny to look at." - Richard to Samantha, SATC


These I got in Asda - Initial Keyring -£1, Initial necklace - £1.50, Dice necklace £1.25.  I think I'll wear the necklaces together.

I got these new jeans in D2, as I was in dire need of a pair of dark blue skinnies.  Everything was 'buy one get one half price', so I got these for £12.50 instead of £25 (I also bought jeans for my boyf for Christmas, but boys jeans are boring!)  The till in the shop wasn't working, so they were working everything out on calculators and writing receipts by hand; slight nightmare when shopping on my lunch break!  I'm wearing my new jeans with this silver cowl neck tunic which I got in Dorothy Perkins last year.  It's a bit loose on me as I've (thankfully) lost weight since I bought it.  I turned a normal belt into a waist belt by piercing another hole it in :)  It doesn't look very exciting, but it's better for the freezing weather, plus best play it safe in front of the boss! Sadly, I cannot wear it with my lovely heels, as we will be trekking from work to the restaurant in the snow, so I'm wearing them with my Bearpaw boots!!

And finally, here are my nails for the party - China Glaze "Cheers to You" + Barry M Instant Nail Effects.

Laters!! x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"No Likey, No Lighty"


Robert Downey Jr

Leopard print nails

Studded work shoes (very uncomfy though)

Frosty the Hurler Snowman - 6/12/10 - 9/12/10 R.I.P.

Shoe boots from Charity shop

(Pathetic attempt at) Christmassy work desk

China Glaze "Cheers to you" + Barry M Instant Nail Effects


Allllllll my new shoes!...



"Stylish Thinking"

Nicked from Missy Elz, who was inspired by Elle magazine:

One of my first fashion memories... when I was about 5 years old, my favourite dress! It was a bright turquoise blue knee-length affair, with an octopus on the front! Why did my mother let me out in that?

One of the most treasured items in my wardrobe... My camel coloured mac coat, found very randomly in The Edinburgh Woollen Mill for £20. 

You may not know this but... well, to be fair you know next to nothing about me! But I am an internal hypochondriac.  Honestly, if I have a sore throat I'm convinced it's the beginning of throat cancer, a cold is the 'flu, and every trip to the optometrist is one step closer to impending blindness... however I only have these thoughts internally, as I know that if I were to ever voice them, I'd be told to wise up!

My favourite place in the world is... Oxford.  I did my post-grad diploma there and it is a beautiful city.

My style icon is... to be honest I don't really have any particular people who I admire for their style and want to replicate it.  I just love people who have their own individual style and don't care whether it's on trend or a bit OTT.  Katy Perry wears some weird but wonderful dresses, Lady GaGa must be slightly mental, but she pulls it off and some it it is fabulous, e.g.: the Emporio Armani dress she wore to the 2010 Grammys.  Plus, it must be said now, I cannot stand Alexa Chung.  I think most of what she wears drowns her and just looking at that hair makes me want wash it!!

I own so many... hmmmm. Toss up between books and shoes.  My shoe collection is by no means extensive, but it has been growing very quickly recently, due to being in full time work and treating myself too often.

It's important for me to... watch what I eat. Which I never do. If I tried I could probably drop a dress size no bother, but I love my food too much to do that, and never have time for exercise - whoops.

A moment I will always remember... being offered my current job.  My boss had interviewed me for another position, but rang me to offer me a role he basically invented for me. Best feeling ever.

My trademark is... people thinking that I'm really shy and quiet, until they get to know me.

If I could turn back the clock... I probably would choose a completely different career path upon leaving school.

A person who changed my life... this sounds so cheesy and predictable, but my boyfriend, for proving that there are men out there who are not arseholes.  He takes me as I am, which is generally, grumpy, annoying, irritating, and a bit strange!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Rant & Recent Purchases


I have, surprisingly, been unable to post for a few days, due to (a) lack of material, and (b) lack of time, so today I will show you some of my recent purchases - a few from last week and some from the weekend.

On Saturday I was supposed to have my Driving Theory Test.  The test centre is 30 miles from where I live, and usually it would be no problem to get there, but of course with all the snow and hail and frost and below zero temperatures we've had lately, it was gonna be quite a trek... So I got up at 9 a.m. on Saturday(!) morning, and checked the DVA website, which said that practical tests were being cancelled due to the weather conditions. Fair enough, but what about theory tests? So, I rang the phone number on the top of my test confirmation letter; no-one there to answer on a Saturday. Fab. Looked up various numbers online, rang them, again no-one there on a Saturday to answer. Not frustrating at all.... Finally got through to a lady in the head office, who was unable to tell me if the theory tests were cancelled or not, and also couldn't tell me if the test centre would be open or not. Well, I wasn't gonna not go, in case I got charged for scheduling another, so I dragged my boyfriend out of his bed and we set off. The journey took over an hour - it's usually 35 minutes.  Got there and... it was closed!!! My God I was raging!  So what did I do instead?...

Oh me oh my...

Yep, I skipped stormed into the shopping centre next door, and gravitated straight towards Priceless Shoes.  Where they had a stand of sale items - £4 or less, with lots for lovely big-footed ladies like myself. *Haaaaaleliujah!*

So, I purchased five pairs (I tried on many more) while my bemused boyfriend shook his head in amazement.
"Go get me a basket!!" I demanded of him;
"Errr they don't have baskets." he replied;
"Fine, watch those while I try on these!!" I declared.
Poor lad.  But I suppose that to men, buying five pairs of shoes in one go really is a totally alien concept.

£4.00 each - Priceless Shoes

Another fact he failed to get his head around, was that I needed to buy two pairs the same, only in different colours.  Basically, I couldn't choose between them, nor did I want to. Both are beautiful.  The black and silver ones may be just the ticket to wear with my silver Christmas dress.

White - £3.00, Leopard Print - £4.00 - Priceless Shoes

At first, I wasn't sure about these, as peeptoe shoes and I generally don't get along.  I have long toes and so peeptoe shoes just cut into them.  Nor was I sure about the square shaped toe.  However, after trying them on I realised that I might just avoid my usual peeptoe related injuries, because of the square toe. Sold.  (I also realised that the white ones kinda look like they should be worn under a wedding dress, but last night in Sex And The City Carrie was wearing white courts so surely I'll find somthing to wear them with)  Only problem was the side of one of the white shoes got dirty in the bag and I can't get the black mark off :( all shoe-cleaning tips appreciated!

£4.00 - Priceless Shoes

I <3 these black ones.  An unusual shape and really nice on.  I tried them on with some black tights with a bow design on and they looked amazing.  Sadly though, due to the weather I stuck to my snow boots when venturing outside!

Next I popped into good old Superdrug to get some supplies.  I got the diva dry shampoo, which is a lifesaver for me.  I started using dry shampoo about 2 years ago, and I don't know how I managed in the years before it!  The Barry M Instant Effects is pretty funky, I tried it out over China Glaze "Cheers To You" silver and it looked great.  The Rimmel one I actually got in £Stretcher one day for 99p, and though it's called "Milk Chocolate" I really think it looks more nude.  I also got the Barry M lipglosses, which I love.  The top one is a shimmery nude with a hint of gold, and smells divine; like toffees or fudge, or Bedhead Brunette Goddess shampoo <3
The bright pink one isn't my usual style, but with neutral eye makeup it looks great, and it smells like those 2p bubblys I got as a child!

OK, I dunno why but my blog has decided that I can no longer left-align, so centre it is then. Hmmm. Not my week it seems.
Finally, as recommened by one of my favourite bloggers, Missy Elz , I nipped into Poundland and picked up some hair inserts!

I had a quick experiment with them and they are quite good.  My only problem is that my hair is quite fine, and later on in the evening I found that the little grippy teeth were a bit visible, despite my backcombing.  So hopefully next time I try them out I will get better results and can put up some pictures.  I would have, except my camera battery ran out and I didn't fancy wading through the snow to buy more ;)

That's all for now my few followers.  I hope you are enjoying it so far and hope to bring you more posts very soon! :) x