Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Jeans & Jewellery & Christmas Party


It's my work Christmas Party today! :D And we're going to a Chinese Restaurant! Ah well, I'll be getting turkey soon enough and I love chinese food so I'm not complaining!

So no doubt you're bored beyond belief seeing all my recent purchases, but I keep discovering more that I want to share :) 

I got some jewellery in Primark, including this snake ring, which was £2.  It's really sparkley and glittery, and reminds me of a snake ring I got in Florida about 7 years ago which broke :( so it's nice to have another - only thing is I hate trying on rings in the shop when they are attached to the plastic bit, it's so hard to tell how well it fits, so of course I got this in large and it's rather big! Will have to get a medium next time.

I also got these bracelets and multi-stoned ring in Primark. The bundle of bracelets was £1 and I liked the colour.  I think the ring was £2.50.  It's a medium and slightly better fit though a bit loose on my middle finger, which is where I prefer to wear it...

"When you flip me off, l'll have something shiny to look at." - Richard to Samantha, SATC


These I got in Asda - Initial Keyring -£1, Initial necklace - £1.50, Dice necklace £1.25.  I think I'll wear the necklaces together.

I got these new jeans in D2, as I was in dire need of a pair of dark blue skinnies.  Everything was 'buy one get one half price', so I got these for £12.50 instead of £25 (I also bought jeans for my boyf for Christmas, but boys jeans are boring!)  The till in the shop wasn't working, so they were working everything out on calculators and writing receipts by hand; slight nightmare when shopping on my lunch break!  I'm wearing my new jeans with this silver cowl neck tunic which I got in Dorothy Perkins last year.  It's a bit loose on me as I've (thankfully) lost weight since I bought it.  I turned a normal belt into a waist belt by piercing another hole it in :)  It doesn't look very exciting, but it's better for the freezing weather, plus best play it safe in front of the boss! Sadly, I cannot wear it with my lovely heels, as we will be trekking from work to the restaurant in the snow, so I'm wearing them with my Bearpaw boots!!

And finally, here are my nails for the party - China Glaze "Cheers to You" + Barry M Instant Nail Effects.

Laters!! x


daisychain said...

LOVE your nails.

Anonymous said...

I want that snake ring! Lovely! :)

Jas said...

ooh la la i love your snake ring!

Laurs said...

awwh thank u everyone :) it's not a bad find for £2! x