Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Photos of many things

Hey again,

I realise that I am doing more posting than is normal; let us blame it on the novelty of having my own blog!  It will wear off soon, I'm sure.

But for now, I have some photos!  My camera is by no means fantastic - just a wee Olympus that I've had for a few years, so excuse the woeful quality.  So here are some snaps...

1.  Boots:

I love love looove these!  I got them about a month or 6 weeks ago, from  They are the Zera Shearling Trim Lace Up Boots in black - check them out here if you're interested.  They are currently £34.99, which is what I paid for them.  I must admit now, that:

(a) I am a cheapskate when it comes to footwear - I seem to ruin shoes very quickly so I am pained to fork out a packet for shoes that will get destroyed, and;
(b) My huge size 8 feet rarely fit into nice shoes :( I struggle to fit into most size 8s, as most shoes seem to be very small fitting.

So, after ordering these and crossing my fingers, they arrived.  How delighted was I when I tried them on and - lo and behold! - perfect fit! :D  Missguided actually do nicely fitting shoes for me!  Mazer.  These are also quite comfortable - I've wore them several times, including to a rugby match, and I have not been severely crippled, so that's a bonus.  The price was also actually above my usual shoe limit, so thankfully they have proved worth it ;)  I must say, Missguided are a new favourite of mine.  They do some beautiful items, at reasonable prices, and even when I only pay for standard delivery, everything that I have received has been sent Special Delivery, and so arrived the next day.  You can't beat that for service!

2.  NYC Metro Quartet Eyeshadow - 815A The Best of Broadway:


I picked up this eyeshadow quad in Superdrug about 2 weeks ago.  I don't wear makeup every day (shock horror, I know.  I'm not a morning person, and so I'm far too lazy for such things before work) and so if and when I do, I keep it fairly natural.  I have a fab Benefit kit called "Celebutante", and the eyeshadows in it ("Leggy", a pale pink, and "Dandy Brandy", a light chocolate brown) are my favourites for daytime wear, however the kit itself is a bit bulky to carry in a handbag, especially if the eyeshadows are all I need from it.  However, this little quad had similar colours and was about £4 - excellent. 

As you can sort of see from the first photo, it has a plastic cover over the powders, and tells you which is for what - all over shadow, contour, crease and highlight.  Handy if you're not a makeup pro.  I keep the cover on it to protect it in my handbag.  It has a little applicator with a head one end and a blending brush at the other - very tiny and adorable but a bit fiddly!  It's also small, only about 8cm long, so very compact for putting in a handbag or purse. Here are 2 swatches - the labelled one was using the flash, unlabelled one without (click on to enlarge):


To conclude on the eyeshadows, they are not of fantastic quality, and I didn't expect them to be of Benefit standard anyway, but for the price they are a nice alternative that you can use everyday without feeling guilty.  The colours are slightly shimmery but not overwhelmingly so, and brighten up the eyes while still looking natural.  Well worth a few pounds.

3.  Grey Jewel Neck Ruched Dress:

I got this dress in TK Maxx 2 weeks ago.  With it's shimmery silver colour and gorgeous beaded neckline, it will of course be my Christmas dress! (i.e.: I will be spotted stumbling around several pubs in it).  The brand is "Cachet" and I got it for £50, down from £69.99.  It doesn't look like much on the hanger, especially as it's all ruched, but it looks fantastic on, really shows off the figure but is also flattering - not often the case with figure hugging dresses for size 12 ladies.  My only disappointment is that the beading isn't of great quality, and some are already loose and coming off.  Here is a close-up of the neckline:

You can see on the right hand side where the string of diamantes has come loose, and there are a few others hanging on by a thread (umm literally!) so I'm taking it to a lady I know who takes in dresses etc to see if she can fix it for me!  However I can't wait to wear it; I got some earrings from George at Asda for £4 which I'll wear with it, with my hair pinned up I think, and no other jewellery, to keep it simple.  I have no idea about shoes yet, all suggestions welcome!

4.  Handbag:

This is rather cheeky - this is what my gran is getting me for Christmas!  I picked it yesterday and then left it at her house heehee!  But she told me to pick something I liked, makes it easier for her!  So I got this lovely studded metallic silver bag in DV8 for £18.74.  It will be good for day or night, dressed up or down.  Brill.

5.  Necklace display board:

Now, last but not least, a litte creation that I am very proud of!  I made this display board for my necklaces myself.  I have a mannequin jewellery holder figurine, however she was laden down with things and it was all getting tangled, plus I could barely see what necklaces were hanging on it.  So, D.I.Y. time (which I love).  I bought a plain 80 x 60cm cork board (about £8 from Argos), bought a small tin of matte black paint (few quid from local painter and decorator's  shop) and some pre-glued diamantes (ebay, approx. £3) and got to it!  I painted the board, left to dry for 24 hours, did some touch ups, left to dry for another 24 hours, then stuck the diamantes on the corners.  Then I hung it on my bedroom wall, stuck pins in it and hung some jewellery on it.  It looks really good, everyone comments on it - it's a functional yet pretty feature!  (You can see my George @ Asda earrings at the bottom which I'll wear with my dress)  It is so easy to do, and you could paint it any colour to match any room, though it would probably need a white base coat if you wanted to do it a pale colour.

Well, that is me finally finished this post!  I hope anyone who reads it has found it enjoyable and maybe even useful!  More another day! :)  For now, I'll leave you with a hot toddy (i.e.: a hot whiskey) which warmed me up at the aforementioned rugby match ;)


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