Thursday, 30 December 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Hello again, merry blogsters!

Sorry it’s been a while, I have had no internet access in my house since Christmas Day, which is proving most unhelpful.  On Christmas Day I managed to sneak on and order 2 Lipsy dresses in the sale, and have been unable to get online since.  Sadly, that’s been the height of my sales shopping as I have been dying with the flu since Monday L one Christmas tradition I could live without!

OK, so these few bits I bought on Christmas Eve after work. The skirt £3, waistcoat £3, bag £5, necklace £4 and bangles £4, all Internaçionale clearance, plus everything was “Buy One Get One Half Price”, happy days.:

The ring and earrings above are from Diva at Miss Selfridge, and were half price, so I got the ring for £4.25 and the earrings… um I can’t remember! About £3 I think.  All for wearing with my new outfit, you see ;)

Here are some photos of what “Santa” got me:

The clothes are just some basics I picked out in Peacocks. Mainly for wearing with my new skirt and waistcoat!  The makeup case has made my room a lot tidier looking as I now don’t have makeup spilling out all over my shelves; however I was surprised my makeup filled it!  The leopard print dressing gown is lovely, very cosy and has been my main item of clothing these last few days since I’ve been ill.  The gloves are also very cosy, though thankfully the snow has gone now!  Nina by Nina Ricci is my favourite perfume ever, and so this bottle was long overdue.  Love it.  And the wee mini handbag size perfume is adorable.  Santa also got me this shoe stand:


The shoe stand has definitely saved me some space, although it isn’t the sturdiest piece of equipment! And though it claims to hold 18 pairs, it can't.  There just isn't enough room to fill it... or maybe it's cos all my shoes are so big :(

I wore all my new items of clothing with thick black tights and my Missguided shearling boots.  Final result = Christmas Day outfit:

My lovely boyfriend got me this:

The DVDs I picked myself, but the rest was a complete surprise.  I love Michael McIntyre, and had really wanted this book!  A necklace and matching earrings from my favourite jewellery shop, and VIP tickets to go see David Guetta! :D Mazing.

One of my good friends got me a gorge black studded dress and a Bourjois eyeshadow set.  The eyeshadows are lovely, my usual colours!

And I was very surprised by what my boss got me; it was something round wrapped up, and I thought it was just a box of Roses or biccies or something, but it was actually a lovely Ted Baker set of body lotions etc. (I think his wife picked it lol).  The case alone is beautiful!

I think I will leave it at this for now.  I should hopefully be recovered fully so that I can go out New Year’s Eve in my new Lipsy dress (the other didn’t fit) and will post a photo if it!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and has a great New Year too! x

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daisychain said...

Amazing buys! I love the Miss Selfridge ring x