Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"Stylish Thinking"

Nicked from Missy Elz, who was inspired by Elle magazine:

One of my first fashion memories... when I was about 5 years old, my favourite dress! It was a bright turquoise blue knee-length affair, with an octopus on the front! Why did my mother let me out in that?

One of the most treasured items in my wardrobe... My camel coloured mac coat, found very randomly in The Edinburgh Woollen Mill for £20. 

You may not know this but... well, to be fair you know next to nothing about me! But I am an internal hypochondriac.  Honestly, if I have a sore throat I'm convinced it's the beginning of throat cancer, a cold is the 'flu, and every trip to the optometrist is one step closer to impending blindness... however I only have these thoughts internally, as I know that if I were to ever voice them, I'd be told to wise up!

My favourite place in the world is... Oxford.  I did my post-grad diploma there and it is a beautiful city.

My style icon is... to be honest I don't really have any particular people who I admire for their style and want to replicate it.  I just love people who have their own individual style and don't care whether it's on trend or a bit OTT.  Katy Perry wears some weird but wonderful dresses, Lady GaGa must be slightly mental, but she pulls it off and some it it is fabulous, e.g.: the Emporio Armani dress she wore to the 2010 Grammys.  Plus, it must be said now, I cannot stand Alexa Chung.  I think most of what she wears drowns her and just looking at that hair makes me want wash it!!

I own so many... hmmmm. Toss up between books and shoes.  My shoe collection is by no means extensive, but it has been growing very quickly recently, due to being in full time work and treating myself too often.

It's important for me to... watch what I eat. Which I never do. If I tried I could probably drop a dress size no bother, but I love my food too much to do that, and never have time for exercise - whoops.

A moment I will always remember... being offered my current job.  My boss had interviewed me for another position, but rang me to offer me a role he basically invented for me. Best feeling ever.

My trademark is... people thinking that I'm really shy and quiet, until they get to know me.

If I could turn back the clock... I probably would choose a completely different career path upon leaving school.

A person who changed my life... this sounds so cheesy and predictable, but my boyfriend, for proving that there are men out there who are not arseholes.  He takes me as I am, which is generally, grumpy, annoying, irritating, and a bit strange!

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