Monday, 13 December 2010

Tell me why... I don't like Mondays?

Guten tag Blogworld!

Back to Monday - eugh.  Really, whoever created a five day working week and only two days off has a lot to answer for!

I had a largely uneventful weekend.  A driving lesson, a dinner out, and some Christmas shopping.  My few new purchases included:
  • Lilac/grey shoe boots (F&F for Tesco, I got them in British Heart Foundation charity shop for £8.99 - unused, may I add!)
  • Lilac silk blouse (M&S, I got it from Save The Children Charity shop, £3.20.  It's 'petite fit', which I most certainly am not! But it fits fine, just shorter sleeves than normal, but I just rolled them up)
  • Black gloves with leopard print faux-fur cuff (Heatons - £3.50)
  • Lara white suedette gilet ( - £5 in their Deal of the Day offer)
So, not much really but it's nice to get little bits and pieces to add to the clothing collection!  I wore my new boots, blouse and gilet with some black skinny jeans on Saturday afternoon, as I was meeting a friend for coffee in our local pub.  I felt all smug in my style, until I slipped the second we entered the pub and I ended up on my knees in front of everyoneeee.  OUCH!  However, I am one of the clumsiest people ever, so this was neither a surprise to me or my friend; I just got up, blamed the new boots (damn them!) and ordered my coffee (all the while wishing I ordered a big Merlot to drown my embarrassment).

As a result I have had very sore knees since Saturday, now exacerbated by the fact that I fell going up the stairs in work this morning and made them worse! (at this point I refer you back to the "one of the clumsiest people ever" statement). Thankfully no one else saw the second fall!

Did anyone watch the X-Factor?  I usually love it, and although I watched it every week this year, I really felt that I didn't even care who won.  Matt was good, and if anyone I think I'm glad that he won it, if only because I think Dannii is the most beautiful/stylish/genuine of all the judges.  I really can't stand that Cheryl Cole with her fake teeth and her big tattoos and her saccharine sweetness.  Simon only says/does what makes him money, and Louis seems to be jumping on the Simon bandwagon afterall, the turncoat!! 

Well, that's all for now, until I actually get some photos up and do something interesting to tell you about! x

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