Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bad Times

*squints with one eye open* Eh? Only Thursday? Noooo!....

I am in no fit state to be doing an OOTD today... or much else for that matter.  Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I went out "for a few drinks" last night with friends, as a good friend of ours is moving to Australia on Friday and this was the only chance we'd have to meet up before she goes.

Now, I should have known better; "a few drinks" where I live never results in 2 drinks being consumed then heading home. No no.  People get over excited; we do that Irish thing where we all fight over who's buying the next drinks:

"I'm getting these - same again?"
"Awh nawh you're not, it's my round!"
"Wise up! I'm on my way to the bar, stay in your seat! Another glass of rosé?"

The consequences of this shameless display of generosity are that everyone keeps buying drinks until we've all spent too much money and everyone is drunk. On a work night.  And we are the last customers in the bar and the owner is putting chairs on tables and cleaning floors while we're still arguing over the next round and not getting the hint.  Four hours later we emerge, wondering how on earth we will survive the following 24 hours.  I feel that a sausage bap might be my saviour - Lucozade and Ibuprofen have proved useless thus far.

Basically, to summarise:

= the devil

Now, please excuse me while I crawl under my desk for a nap. Hopefully tomorrow I will have made it through the eye of the storm and survived....


dannithegirl said...

Heehee, hope you're feeling better now.

I almost felt offended at you insulting my best friend rosé...then I remembered how I feel the morning after too!! ; )

Charly said...

Oh I 100% agree,wine is the devil! Pub lunch and a nice glass of coke is my fail safe option :)