Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Changes, Twitter & a Wishlist


I have made it to 10 followers! :D It may not seem like much, but I honsetly didn't think I would have a single person read my waffle!  I really appreciate that people read and comment on my blog, so thanks everyone :)

You can see that I've tried my hand at jazzing up my blog, as it was rather dull before.  It really annoys me that the blog title picture is so big and looks a bit out of place, however I do love that photo of me; drunk, shoes discarded due to sore feet, searching for my hotel room key.  I really was trying; it sums up the essence of the blog I feel!  Hopefully I'll get more photo-editing done if I get a better one.

Also, I have a Twitter account which I rarely tweet on - I follow a few people, and like to see other people's tweets, but have never really bothered tweeting because none of my friends use it.  However, I have added a link to my twitter page in the side bar, and if I get a few followers on Twitter, I promise to tweet!

I have been procrastinating from doing work (oops) and so was browsing on boohoo.com - I just look through their animal prints (do we sense a theme in my current favourite print? lol) and liked these items:

Ruth Umbrella - £5

Shelby Leopard Sequin Blazer - £40

Roxy Animal Print Tights - £5

Nadine Animal Wedge Peeptoe Shoe Boots - £35
They are reasonable prices, however I have bought too many new things lately, and cannot justify any more clothing expenditure, especially when I owe my driving instructor £80 for lessons I have taken but haven't yet paid for!  I really think the blazer is more tiger print than leopard, but the sequins kinda put me off.  The tights = mazer.  The wedges are fab but I am just too tall to wear wedges sadly!  But I can look and dream at my computer screen ;)


daisychain said...

I love those shoes!

Melanie Likes said...

I love your blog! I was looking through your posts - you have impeccable taste, darling.


Chelsea Lane said...

those tights are perfectionnnnn! what lovely finds :) I, too, love your header, super cute :)


Me said...

Make it now 11 ♥ wooo! ♥ *celebrates with you* I'm like a 5 yr old whenever I get a comment ;o)
Thanks so much for your lovely comment hun xx that was really kind of you & very much appreciated. Still adjusting myself :) xxxx