Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lipsy Dress

This is a very short post today, and the photos are crap, for which I apologise.  I took this on my phone in my boyfriend's room, and the lighting was so dark, you can barely see the dress! So I will post a photo from t'internet too that actually shows the dress properly!

Lipsy Pleated Dress 'Grey She Wolf' was £55 sale price £20
I have a rather love/hate relationship with Lipsy.  I love their dresses, however this is the first one I've ever ordered that I've actually kept.  Their sizes, I feel, are crap.  Last year I ordered a beautiful dress in a size 12, and when it arrived and I tried it on, although I could get it zipped up easily, it was so tight across the bust that it completely flattened my chest and looked awful!  I returned it and asked for an exchange to a size 14, however they didn't have it and so refunded me.  Several weeks later, I saw that they had the size 14 in stock, so I ordered it, and when it arrived, it was baggy at my waist and still bound down my chest!  Unbelievable.  Recalling this past trauma, I ordered this one and another one, both in size 14.  The other was far too big and I simply returned it, and this one is a bit loose at the top, but I know the size 12 would never accommodate my bust.  It's not like I'm Katie Price either folks, Lipsy just have something against ladies with breasts!  So as much as I love my Lipsy dress, I will still spend any occasion I am wearing it adjusting it and hauling it up into position *sigh*

 I wore a 'leather' jacket over the top which I got in TK Maxx in November, the brand is Romeo & Juliet Couture and it was £22.  I love it; the photo above barely shows it and does it no justice!  I wore my white peep toe courts from Priceless with it; mighty uncomfortable.  But they were £3, so what did I expect!

I am not in a good mood today; my feet hurt, I spent my lunch hour trekking to the bank to put in my wages, then had a nosey in Peacocks at the sale stuff - what a mistake!  Browsing is no fun when you have no money :(  I am also rather p*ssed off at myself, as I have lost the lovely earrings my boyfriend got me for Christmas! :'( I was wearing them on Sunday, and stayed at his on Sunday night, and left them on the bedside table.  When I was going home on Monday I put them somewhere to bring them home.... but I have no idea where I put them, or where they have went since.  But that is typical of me, always losing things.  If only I didn't lose such important things :(  I hope everyone else is having a better day than me! Laters x


Bits and Beauty said...

Ah no, that's so annoying! I hope you find them! I'll keep my fingers crossed. Great dress in your pics, looks really lovely on you.
Thanks for following, Carly x

daisychain said...

that is one gorgeous dress! x

Charly said...

aw sure your earrings will turn up! Shoes look great,