Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Blues

Another Monday!  Plus the last day of January, no less.  I am glad, January is a bleak month.  However I keep hearing that there is going to be more snow here in February, which I am not looking forward to...

Thanks for the comments on Saturday's post; thankfully my boyfriend had recovered by Saturday and decided not to go in to hospital.  It is a recurring issue though, and has been advised by his doctor to go to A&E if it happens again. Fingers crossed he won't have to!

Here is what I wore yesterday (Sunday) I wasn't doing much, just a trip to the supermarket, baking and doing stuff around the house, so I went for comfort over style!

Skinny jeans - D2 £12.50, Shirt - F&F Tesco

Lara Suedette Gilet - £5

Zera Shearling Boots - £34.99
I was given the shirt by my boyfriend's mum, it didn't fit her so she offered it to me.  It's quite floaty and loose, so very comfy.  I thought I looked a bit like I belonged on my boyfriend's dad's farm, but in a good way!  Baling hay or something similar.  Perhaps with a stick of corn hanging from my mouth.  When I was going to the shop with mum, I put on my gilet, as it is really cosy.  However when looked in the mirror I asked, "Errr mum, do I look like I've just skinned an animal and am wearing it's fur??" - I feared that I maybe looked a bit hilbilly, and she got what I meant completely, but reassured me I looked fine - I hope she wasn't bluffing!!

Today's nails are China Glaze "Little Drummer Boy" plus silver star nail stickers and a blob of GOSH "Magic Star" on top - very hard to photograph though!

Here's a few photos of my room, basically just my line-up of favourite shoes and my favourite DVDs :)

I adore Frasier!!
 And here is my second ever chocolate and orange cake - it looks slightly better than last weeks!  When I suggested to mum that I make a different cake this week, her face was filled with horror.  So I kept the peace and made this again :) This time, mum cut it in two, so it wasn't as wonky haha!

Have a good day, everyone!  More tomorrow, hopefully! x


Imogen said...

You look fantastic and pull off this look perfectly, the shoes are incredibly sweet. You also have some great dvds Frasier and Sex and the City are my favourites too.

Susy said...

I really like nip/tuck but only stated watching on the last season, typically. Can't wait to watch the rest. :) Loving your Miss Guided boots too, I see that type about and am always tempted, I just wish the fur went all the way down.

daisychain said...

I want to dive head first in to your cake!

(also love your boots!)

Anonymous said...

haha i have the same ted baker as you, (behind your shoes)

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...


Just found your blog and its fab, so im following!
seems we have very similar tastes in cakes - i did a chocolate orange cake tutorial on my blog a few days ago, but yours looks really scrummy :)
I also love your choice of outfit, casual, yet stylish, win-win!

Sophie said...

those shearling boots are gorgeous, wish they were mine!

Bonnie said...

I love me some "Frasier." I'm glad we share in the same love of witty banter. :)
P.S. Your boots are faaabulous.