Friday, 21 January 2011

Nails & Nature Snacks

It's Friday! :D

Thank goodness! I do love the weekend, however there will be no rest for me until Sunday evening, as my mum is away for a few days and I am currently looking after my 7 year old sister.  This sounds easier than it actually is.  It requires me getting up almost an hour earlier than usual so that I can get her ready for school and get myself ready for work.  She is a restless wee bugger, so she's always on at me to do something with her, play board games, design clothes (yes, I enjoy that as much as her),  play computer games... it is exhausting being the fun big sister all the time!  Tonight we have to go round to my dad's house as I have to babysit my little brothers while my dad and step-mum go out.  My brothers are 13 and 7.  You can see that this will be a challenge.  And no sleep-in for me tomorrow either :( Then on Sunday I am going to make a cake, before mum returns on Sunday evening and I collapse in a heap.

Anyway, moving on!  I nipped in to Superdrug yesterday on my lunch hour and got these wee goodies:

The MUA nail varnish and blusher were £1 each, while the BarryM Lip Paint (in 101) was £4.49.  The MUA products are good quality for £1, and I really like the dark, dusky pink on my nails.  The lip paint however, was a disappointment.  I go for nude lips a lot, and had read reviews that this was great for nude lips.  I eagerly put it on and looked in the mirror, only to behold the cold, dead lips of a corpse.  I was horrified, and needed to apply lipgloss to rectify the situation.  However, the lipgloss did not sit well on top of the lip paint, and it went quite gloopy.  I tried the lip paint later in the day, to see if the first disaster had been a fluke, but I must say I am thoroughly let down by this product :( It is just far too pale for me (and that is saying something considering that us N. Irish are so pale we're verging on blue), almost white.  The texture is also very drying on the lips and emphasises any dryness or cracking.  Bad one for me, but other people seem to have fared better with this colour so you don't know until you try!

On Twitter last week I won a free bag of Nature Snacks, which was a bit random, but freebies are always appreciated, seeing as I never win anything!  They arrived in the post yesterday - "with a hint of exotic".  It was a berries mix, including blueberries, cherries, cranberries, crimson raisins and cape gooseberries.  I love berries so I was very pleased to receive this!

The packet is a handy size for taking with you on the go, but it is packed full of dried berries!  They were sooo sweet, really tasty.  My favourite had to be the gooseberries, which were really tangy (mouth watering just thinking about them), however the gooseberries were few and far between which was a shame!  After a few munches I felt I had ate enough for the time being, and still had about half the pack left, so put them in an airtight container to snack on another day.  I then looked at the nutrition info on the packet was was glad I'd stopped when I did, as there were over 500 calories per wee packet!  But fruit is full of natural sugar, so I'd feel less guilty eating a packet of these than a KitKat Chunky ;)  So thank you very much Nature Snacks!  You can follow them on Twitter (!/NatureSnacks) for some tasty treats!

 That's all for now.  Probably won't get time to post over weekend due to child care duties, but I'll try to post about my cake on Monday, and any compulsive spending I do in between... Have a great weekend! :) xx

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Imogen said...

Such a beautiful shade of pink that is your nail polish.