Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Shoes & Funky Nails

It's less books and more shoes today!  My babies from Office arrived - it was love at first sight.  Although I almost sent them back due to (a) the fact that they look like they'll be painful, and (b) my mother getting a bit cross and saying that I have no need to buy anymore shoes :( However, materialism and aesthetics won me over and I am keeping them. 

Slightly annoyed though, as when I ordered them they were down from £88 to £30 (but plus £7.50 p&p to N. Ireland, grrr), and now they are down to £27! :( The plain black version are also gorgeous, and are now £18 (or really £25.50 if you live in N. Ireland - it is technically part of the UK, you know Office!!)  Another slight problem is that one of the gold buttons is a bit scuffed, and the zip on the left shoe is a bit deformed and jaggy, so gonna have to be careful that I don't injure myself, until I track down someone with a metal-file to eradicate the danger (look at me getting all Technology & Design, it's like being back at school).

Excuse the lousy photo quality as I am again working from my BlackBerry. Really need camera batteries/a new camera.  Anyways, these are Office Twango shoe boots, and if you're interested in getting a pair click here.

I was chillin last night, watching my Frasier boxset (adore) and contemplating what way to do my nails, when I was hit by a thunderbolt of inspiration - on That's So Yesterday a few days ago there were pictures of the latest nail designs on the catwalk, and one was a "modern half moon" look by Butter London - a funky greige/taupe/mushroom colour with black semicircles, so I thought I'd give it a bash.  So below is the final result - I was mega pleased, until I did a topcoat and several got smudged :( but they're not smudged in the photos, which is the main thing :)

I used 2 coats of Nails Inc 'Jermyn Street' + Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner (not the greatest liquid eyeliner in the world but does at a push and is also good for nail decoration).  I then used a Natural Collection clear varnish topcoat, which ruined it and made them smudgy :( boo!


Well I hope everyone has a good Thursday; mine will involve some charity shop browsing at lunch time (less guilt  if I purchase something, as it is for charity plus doesn't bankrupt me) and possible a sneaky trip to New Look to purchase some fab suedette wedges that I saw going for a tenner yesterday but didn't buy! If I do get them I may have to keep them in my work office for several weeks for fear of my mother's reaction...

Ciao for now! x

P.S.: As you can see, I've made a new header.  I was quite pleased with it, but unfortunately I still can't get it to sit in the centre, or stretch it so it's wider to fit properly?! Agh!!


Me said...

Seriously gorgeous! And love the nail colour! :) ♥ xxxx

daisychain said...

They are gorgeous and I love your nails!