Wednesday, 5 January 2011

OOTD, Mini Things & Some Sales Stuff


OK so few different things going in to one post here!  Firstly, here is an outfit I wore one day last week when I was feeling slightly less ill:

"I will not kiss boys in class" T-shirt - Dunnes, waistcoat + jeans - Internacionale, worker boots -
Here are pics of the mini perfumes I got for Christmas - it's a bit sad, but I think they are just so cute!  I wouldn't want to put them in my handbag in case I broke them or lost them or something!  To think of a wee perfume out there all lost and alone.... *ahem* anyway, firstly one of my favourite perfumes ever, Nina by Nina Ricci:

I got this in a set with a large bottle and a body lotion.  I always feel that the body lotion is a waste, as I rarely use the ones that come with perfume.  Is it just me or do other people waste them too?  But I feel that I will save this until my big one runs out, then use it as emergency supplies until I buy a new one!  I've seen a special edition bottle on that I reeeeeally want.  Nina smells divine; all fruity and floral and girly, and even my boyfriend said "You smell so good!" the first day I wore it, so it is noticeable!

The next mini is Ghost:

Ghost is another favourite of mine and I get through a lot of it.  It's a difficult smell to describe, especially for me as I've never done a perfume review, but it's quite light; floral and distinctive.  It reminds me of my first girls' holiday when I was 18 - my friend bought a HUGE bottle of Ghost at the airport and spent the whole holiday spraying it in our apartment, so it reminds me of being 18 and partying in the sunshine :) 

The next one is Insolence by Guerlain:

I've never worn this one before, but the smell reminds me of Parma Violets!  So not sure how much use I'll make of this.  Anyone who wears or has worn it can advise!

Next up is Very Irresistable by Givenchy:

My mum actually wears this one I think, and she has nice perfumes, so it must be good!  Really running out of steam with these perfumes aren't I?!  Well, finally we have Woman by Hugo Boss

This will also be a first for me but sure Hugo Boss is a popular brand so I imagine it will be fine!  And I leave you with a perfume group shot plus sheep:

Yesterday on my lunch break I finally got in to Next to see the dregs of the sale, and to see if I could salvage anything decent from the wreckage.  I got a pretty cool blazer, which doesn't look very exciting in the photo, but it is lovely on, and will really dress up casual outfits with jeans and things:

Next Blazer - was £50, sale price £25

I also got this jumper, which will be good for either work or at the weekend with jeans or a skirt:

Next 'Signature' Jumper - was £40, sale price £20

I also got a faux fur scarf for £7 which is mighty cosy!  Last one in the shop - booyah.  (Sadly my camera batteries were dead before I could photograph it.  My camera eats batteries at an unreal speed)  I got this bag in TK Maxx, it was down to £9!  I don't recognise the brand but it is lovely, and actually won me over from the Calvin Klein champagne coloured bag I had been admiring:

Well, that be all for now!  Hopefully if I can find AA batteries that don't run done within 15 minutes of camera use, I will have more photos up soon, as I got a few other little things too :) x


daisychain said...

I love that bag, I really *need* a new one x

Bits and Beauty said...

Love that blazer! I have been keeping an eye out in the sales for a good one...but nothing so far!

What She Said said...
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What She Said said...

(Spelling mistake before!) Insolence by Guerlain is like my all time favourite perfume! I did a whole blog post on it over Christmas (haha)

I know violets aren't the most conventional smell but I hope you enjoy this perfume half as much as I do! xx