Monday, 24 January 2011

OOTD, New Purchases, + Cake :)

Back to Monday - how did that happen?! :(

Well, I survived my 4 days of babysitting duties - just about! It was a challenge at times, but I managed, plus just about managed to clean the house and make a cake before mum got back! :)  I also had my Driving Theory Test on Saturday morning (following the drama last time I was meant to do it) and I passed! :D So I am almost on the road!

Here is what I wore last night when I went out for dinner with my boyfriend:

Blouse - £2 Charity shop, Body Top - £5 ebay, Velvet skirt - £1 Primark, Tights - £2 Primark

A very 'purse friendly' combination there! I also wore my beautiful New Look wedges (I took them home finally... mum was horrified) and a new 'Paris' necklace and flower ring from Primark, which were £1.50 and £2 respectively.  I reckon that makes my entire outfit worth £23.50....

I did my theory on Saturday morning, and the test centre is right beside a shopping centre, so afterwards I sneaked into Primark, much to my boyfriend's chagrin.  He was in a rush to get home though, so I didn't really bother looking at clothes, just accessories.  I bought these bits:

Rings - £2 each, Necklaces - £1.50 each

Headband - £1.50, Tights - £2 each

Velvet skirt - £1, Underwear set - £6 (slightly Kayla Collins in the jungle, no?)
I also found this cool little mini-tripod in Poundland for my digital camera! It's adorable and makes timed photos way easier!

I was quite pleased with what I managed to pick up anyway :) I also treated myself to a new book in a shop that was having a clearance sale - "Stiletto" by Caroline Cox.  It's all about how stilettos came to be and how their design has progressed, full of great pictures and is interesting so far.  Did you know that the word "stiletto" actually comes from a type of knife?  That's why they're called 'killer heels' ;)

Sooo glad we have thus far avoided the "winklepicker" trend. Oh. My. God.
I then baked a cake on Sunday, for mum's return.  I got it off the fantastic blog happylovestrawberry which is full of lovely recipes.  Click the HERE for the recipe.  As you can see from my photos, my presentation was not quite as successful, for several reasons:

1.  I didn't have a 20cm cake tin, so I used my 23cm one, resulting in a thinner cake and only 2 layers;
2.  The outside of the cake cooked too quickly, so the oven was too hot (always happens to me :( )
3.  I had never sliced a cake into layers before - they were a bit wonky
4.  I (stupidly) thought it was a great idea to melt the butter for the icing - mistake. Don't do it!! Soften, yes, but no no to melting.  I had to stick it in the fridge to firm it up
5.  I would definitely make double the amount of icing next time, to cover the entire cake.

In batter form

Just out of the oven, I was dispairing about the overcooked edge.

Errr, not even Terry's Chocolate Orange shavings could spruce up the ramshackle appearance.

But despite my various cock-ups, it still tasted divine!! Bake it! Now!

Well that's all for today!  Here's hoping this week goes as quickly as last! xx


Charli said...

Love the Primark accessories!
Well done on the theory test!

Susan said...

I spotted the 'Paris' necklace in Primark the other day, soo cute, was tempted but the queue was far too long for one item.

Lovely outfit too x

Sophie said...

lol about the cake trauma, I took am falling into similar pitfalls. I'd def eat it tho :)
Great buys, love the 'purse friendly' outfit :)

daisychain said...

Mmm cake! Also need to get to Primark, those rings are fabulous x

dannithegirl said...

Oooh, I love that bird ring, and yay, I've been wanting a headband so now I know where to go!

dinoprincesschar said...

i love that teddy necvklace, and the tights!
and the cake looks fab - choc orange is my favourite!! :)

Charli said...

heres a reply to your comment on my blog haha :)
Ive just ordered the tangle teaser from asos
on twitter I am "@Charli008"



MLMB said...

Hey hun!
Well I think your cake looks fantastic! I am most impressed! How busy have you been!! And what a bargain queen :D
I went into Primark on Saturday - first time in about a year. My husband had to stay outside in the cold with the doggy so I could only also look at accessories and bags but I thought I was in HEAVEN! That place is getting better and better!!! I got so many things - I was like a kid in a sweet shop!! So I was rather excited for you looking through your bargains above!!
Massive congratulations on your theory! that is just AWESOME! Driving makes such a difference to your life... when you start you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! So WELL DONE! Nearly there now :)
And your outfit looks gorgeous and I love a good bargain! *high fives you and your thriftiness* :) xxxxx