Wednesday, 26 January 2011



Quick post today as I'm short on time. But a busy day makes work go quicker which is always nice!


Jacket & Belt - Dunnes, Blouse - Charity Shop, Skirt - Matalan
Slightly dressier for work today in this skirt.  I got it in Matalan ages ago on sale when I was still a student (*sob*) and thought it might someday do me for the world of work... well, it did.  This is my favourite charity shop blouse again ;) it says "Principles Ben de Lisi" on the label, which apparently means it's from Debenhams if my research is correct?  It's actually a size 16 so too big for me, and really long too, but I love it regardless.  It's a gorgeous colour and so versatile.

Last night I painted my nails a golden colour to match my blouse (tragic or organised?) - a wee cheapie, Collection 2000 in "Buried Treasure".  I am wearing the new flower ring I got in Primark at the weeked, plus a flower ring on my other hand that I got in New Look, shown below.  Flower overload, perhaps!

I got two new items in a Charity Shop today, so they will feature tomorrow hopefully! x


daisychain said...

The belt finishes this outfit perfectly! Gorgeous x

Sophie said...

you're so organised with your nails, nice one! Great look, love this shirt.

Charli said...

Organised :) definatly!!
I love matching nails - it completes an outfit so much!! x

Izzah Houdini said...

the ring look so cute!