Tuesday, 25 January 2011

OOTD & Obsessions

Hello again!  I do like Tuesday, a much nicer day all round than Monday, I feel.

Quite  lengthy post today!  I thought I'd do some OOTD posts about my work wear.  It's not very exciting; I work in a solicitor's office so I can't exactly be quirky and stylish everyday, it's mainly boring old suits! However here are some examples, and I'll try to do a few regularly, as I love seeing other people's OOTD posts too :)


Trousers - Next, Blouse - New Look, Cardigan - Present from mum from Poland
Yesterday's outfit was a very subdued affair - lots of black! Livened up by a lovely new grey cardigan mum got me in Poland.  She loved it; says she's gonna go back next time with an empty suitcase for shopping!  She has also returned a vodka drinker - my mum never drank it before.  Poland has had a strange affect on her...

I went to Superdrug at lunchtime (honestly I should have shares in the place by now, I wish they did an Advantage card!!) and browsed the BarryM Nail Paints.  I settled on 313 "Dusky Mauve". In the bottle it looked grey with a gorgeous purple shimmer, subtle but noticable. However on the nail the purple doesn't really come through much at all, it really just looks grey!  But the flash in the photos below highlights the purple more than natural light.  So not what I was expecting, but I still like it anyway.  It's subtle and sophisticated...

... then I went and blinged it up a little with Gosh 562 "Magic Star" ;)  A lovely clear varnish with flecks of blue, green and yellow glitter.


Suit - Next, Blouse - Charity Shop, Mary Janes - Shoe Zone
My "good" work suits are all Next; they tend to be decent quality, however I have to get 'extra long' trousers for my big long legs, and I find that the hems come undone quite easily, which is a nuisance.  I love this blouse - I got it in Save The Children for £3, it's St. Michael by Marks & Spencer; does this make it vintage?! Heehee!  It's actually 'petite' (which I certainly am not), but it fits fine, the sleeves are just a bit short but I actually like the effect it has; I feel very 80s in it.  These are the shoes I wear to work everyday.  They are nothing speical and a bit battered now, but they are the only heels I have that are suitable for work!  They're quite comfy, which I need as I am often running errands to the bank or walking to the local Court so comfort is a must.

I discovered last night that me new mini-tripod for my camera has extendable legs! Duh! I didn't even realise when I got it!  So the legs extend from 9.5cm to 15.5cm.

 And here is my lovely, bling, tacky BlackBerry cover!  I have a boring leather flip cover one that I use all the time but I got this one off eBay for when I fancy a change :)


 Thanks for reading! :) x


Belinda :) said...

I love Barry M's nail polishes! they have such nice colours, I do too need a cover for my blackberry but I can't find any I like :(


Charli said...

Lovvveee blackberry cases :) x

daisychain said...

I want a blackberry just so I can bling it up ;)

Kaleido Mind said...

i agree...and wednesdays are even better!!

Charly said...

Love the nail polish, may have to invest in some myself, very sophisticated colour!



Sophie said...

that blackberry cover is soooooo amazing! I love a good charity shop find :)

Kasey said...

sometimes classic is the best way to go! i really like the first outfit!

please take a look at my new blog

-kasey..surviving suburbia