Saturday, 8 January 2011



I just thought I'd post an OOTD of what I wore last night.  I just went to a friend's house for dinner (thai curry, gorgeous) and a few drinks, and it was such a laugh.  The blouse was a sale find in Peacocks and I love it.  I love it even more cos it's a size 10, whoop whoop!

Pussy Bow Blouse - £18 £5 Peacocks sale, Belt - £5 £2.50 Peacocks sale, skinny jeans - £5 Internacionale clearance, studded pumps - £9 Shoe Zone
I think I could easily wear it for work also, though it is quite sheer so would definitely wear a black vest top or body underneath!  As it is still absolutely freezing I wore it with my new Next blazer and the scarf I got at Christmas:

And here are a few other little sale items as well.  The jumper is really cosy, although kinda cropped so it rides up a lot.  Slightly annoying when I don't have rock hard abs to say the least, but I love the colour and the embellished shoulder, and it will do me right into spring.  I got it in a size 14 as it was the only size left, but it is skimpy fitting so I imagine a 12 would have been too small anyway.  Love how I get 2 tops from the same place, and one is a 10 and the other is a 14?!  But the blouse is loose and floaty I suppose!

Top - £16 £5 & necklace - £8 £4 - both Peacocks sale

Fur Scarf - £14 £7 Next sale, Belt (worn above) - £5 £2.50 & clutch £8 £4 - both Peacocks sale
Apparently my shoes that I ordered from Office were despatched yesterday, so looking forward to their arrival! :) yay! Have a fab weekend everyone! x


daisychain said...

Love that fur scarf! (and sizes 12/14?! I'd have said you were a 10 at most)

Laurs said...

Awwh thanks! Oh I wish I were a size 10... I think the last time I fitted into size 10 trousers I was 16! :(