Saturday, 29 January 2011


Usually, I am full of enthusiasm for the weekend; I suppose I still kind of am today, but my boyfriend is quite sick at the minute and might be going in to hospital today, which is really worrying me.  You know when your stomch feels all heavy and begins to churn if you think about it too much? Yea, I'm not feeling so good.  I really hope everything is ok.

Just a few photos today.  I was in Boots yesterday and got a few things.  Firstly, after reading about the toner on Brittany Love's Blog I decided to get some, as my usual Clean&Clear one had run out and I fancied a change.  I also picked up the face mask as I have quite sensitive skin and facemasks usually make me flare up like a tomato, so I rarely use them.

I've only used these products once, but so far so good, and no red face!  The face mask left my skin feeling really clean and firm, so I think I'll use it once a week.  The toner seems gentle but really good at removing the last of my makeup.  These were also really cheap, less than £2 each, which is always reassuring - I hate forking out lots of money for prodcuts that do the same as the store's own-brand equivalent.

I also saw that The Natural Collection stuff was "3 items for £5" so I decided to get some.  After choosing a black eyeliner and a lipliner in "Almond", I swear, I couldn't choose a final item. I stood there like a complete eejit, looking at all the products wondering which I should pick - a sure sign I now have too many cosmetics?! I finally settled on a lipstick in "Rose Petal" - slightly more pink than I usually go for, but I like it.

Last night I attempted to do leopard print nails with my new China Glaze in "Classic Camel", plus a Collection 2000 brown and a liquid eyeliner... not very successful :(

And finally, I bought 2 items in a charity shop the other day, for £3 each.  A white satin-like blouse (no label on it) and a River Island cardigan in a camel colour, with a leopard print trim!

Dunno what happened with the lighting here, but I assure you, it's a creamy white colour, not yellow!

Not bad finds for £6, especially as one is from River Island!

Sorry I don't have much else to say, too preoccupied :( I hope everyone has a great weekend xx


Sophie said...

Nice charity shop finds, love the cardy. Hope you (and your boyfriend) feel better soon :)

Charli said...

Hope your boyfriend is ok!!
Love the natural collection goodies! In need of a lip liner so will defo check out theirs!
Need to start charity shop shopping - everyone has such great finds!!
Thanks for the reply about china glaze nail varnishes...will hunt them down :) x

daisychain said...

your nails look amazing!