Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Secret Shoes & Book Review

It's Tuesday - sure the week is practically over! :)

Just thought I'd post pictures of my "secret shoes", i.e.: the shoes I saw in the New Look sale last week, admired muchly, went back the next day and bought, and have kept in my office ever since as I am too afraid to bring them home!  My mother recently got a bit cross about the amount of shoe-purchasing I was doing, so I fear her reaction to another pair appearing!!  But they were down from £20 to £10, I love the colour and suedette effect, and they were was one pair of size 8 left in them - had to be done.  I haven't wore wedges in about five years but these seem quite comfortable, and the colour will lend itself to many outfits.

Now I'm thinking about the similar ones that were a wine-red colour and down to £5... help!

I hope no one else is a secret shoe buyer - I fear this indicates an addiction, like alcoholics who hide vodka bottles in the toilet cistern.  Feels a bit sinister.

"Neris & India's Idiot-Proof Diet" - India Knight & Neris Thomas

I got this book free with Cosmopolitan Magazine (I am also a magazine addict), otherwise I wouldn't have been aware of its existence.  It's basically two ladies who were once overweight, giving their accounts of how they lost 5 stone each by taking the core elements of other diets, tweaking them and creating their own version.

It outlines the rules of their low-carb high-protein approach, plus it has extracts from their diaries which shows how good, or not so good, they felt at different stages of the diet.  I liked that it had a very personal approach, through the use of the diary extracts, and this really made it realistic.  You could imagine yourself doing their way of eating quite easily, and being able to turn to the book for guidance when you were feeling strained.

The only thing that I didn't like was that, were I actually attempting the diet, then I would read through it again and write out the lists of what I can and cannot eat for myself, as well as a few meal ideas.  The lists and meal ideas in the book are quite scattered and far apart, as they are interspersed with the ladies' encouragement and anecdotes. 

I think that this book gave me some food for thought (pun harhar) about my own not so healthy and carb-heavy eating habits, and though it could be tough to get started, it may be something I will try.  It has certainly inspired me to increase my water intake - I have a 1.5 litre bottle with me right now!  So for that small miracle, I salute these ladies.  Not bad for a freebie at all :)


Sophie said...

The wedges are great, made me chuckle that you feel you have to hide them tho :).
I would love to drink more water but can't stand the taste, so I try guzzling weak squash instead.

daisychain said...

I was eyeing those shoes earlier!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

S o lovely. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

Margaret said...

love those wedges :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

CoutureCharlie said...

I love those wedges, I've seen them a couple of times on my travels, even tried to get the mother's stamp of approval. She 'hmmmm'-ed. I'm a secret shoe shopper too, as you've probably gathered, can't wait to go back to uni where I don't have to hide it!! Found some great sale bargains though... will blog about them soon hopefully! Keep blogging, I love reading your posts :) Charlie - www.cocktailstocouture.com xxxx