Friday, 14 January 2011

Wishing & Hoping & Praying

Hi everyone,

Just a short post today.   I will definitely get my camera sorted soon so that I can show you (decent) photos of my latest purchases.  For work today I'm wearing a black pencil skirt, with a blouse I bought yesterday in The Hospice Shop for £2! It's silky, a camel/gold colour, and quite long so I have it tucked in to the skirt.  It's about 2 sizes too big for me but I think it still works as the sleeves are nice and billowy, like balloon sleeves.  I've accessorised with gold jewellery, and am also wearing black tights and black courts and a boring black work blazer - however this means nothing without pictures!  My work clothes are generally very unexciting, just trouser suits and shirts, which is why I don't really take OOTD photos unless it's the weekend.

So the title of todays post refers to 3 different things on my mind at the minute;

Another wishlist, of course!  This time courtesy of Missguided, one of my current favourite clothes websites.  I seem to be a bit stuck on nude and mocha tones at the moment.  I'm also lusting after a pink sequin jacket that Milly of Pearls And Poodles  is often wearing in her OOTD posts, but it's from H&M, probably ages ago, and the only one I found on ebay was too small and £40!  I don't think so.  Missguided have a nice non-sequinned jacket though, which is also nice.

On a separate note, I am not sure what I make of the latest trend - "Palazzo" trousers.  I can't imagine what the longevity of this trend will be but I hope it's fleeting; I can't see myself every fancying a pair!

I'm hoping that the awful flooding in Australia subsides soon.  I heard a heartbreaking story yestrday about a 13 year old boy who died when the car he was in was sucked away by the strong current; he'd told rescuers to save his little brother and his mum first, and the car was swept away before they reached him.  I just can't even imagine such flooding happening here.  It's like the bloody apocalypse or something.

I will be praying for the people of Brisbane of course, and also for the family of Michaela McAreavey, daughter of Mickey Harte, manager of Co. Tyrone's gaelic team.  She was murdered on Monday in the hotel she was staying in while on her honeymoon in Mauritius.  She was 28 and had been married for 11 days.  This has been all over the news in Northern Ireland since Monday and is truly devastating.  That a young woman on her honeymoon could meet such an end stuns me.  At least one of the three suspects, all of whom worked at the hotel, has admitted to her murder.  Her body arrives home to Northern Ireland today.  I pray that her family and husband can have strength, love and support at this time, and that their grief can soon be soothed by the memories of their beloved daughter, sister, and wife.

Oh dear; what a depressing way to end my post for today!  Let's try not to be down; it is Friday after all.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Tomorrow morning I have an early driving lesson, then me, my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend are all going to Donegal to stay over Saturday night, just for a change.  Hopefully it will be a relaxing weekend!  Take care all x


dannithegirl said...

Ooh, I know you've put them up as a not sure/don't like item, but thanks for showing me those wide leg trousers!

Imogen said...

A really great collection of items you posted here. My favourite is definitely the salmon coloured dress. I just discovered your blog and I really like it. I appreciate your post on the Brisbane floods. I heard the same story that you posted and I have heard so many other terrible stories because the news coverage of it is very extensive here in Australia. I wish there was something I could do. I also noticed you are a law graduate which I admire very much. I am a law student so I think that is fantastic what you have finished.

MLMB said...

The floods are so so sad. I heard the story about the 13 yr old saving his brother... bless his little heart. I just sat speechless. I wish I could put everything right for everyone. The world can be such a sad place :(
Hope your driving lesson goes well honey. I agree with the trouser trend - erm?? not for me either :) lots of love xxx