Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Hi again!

I apologise for my absence since Friday; I had a busy weekend, plus I left my camera in work on Friday so I couldn't take any photos!

On Saturday I spent the afternoon painting, then in the evening went out for a big family meal to celebrate my grandparents' 50th Wedding Aniversary.  The meal was lovely and it was great to get all the family together for the occasion.  I also spent all day Sunday painting; I'm doing a picture of me and my 3 brothers as part of my dad's 50th birthday present.

As for yesterday, i.e.: Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I had booked a table at a great restaurant in Portrush for the 7pm sitting (you normally can't book there, you just show up and wait, but for V-Day they had 5pm, 7pm and 9pm sittings you could book in advance).  I'd spent all morning at the Family Court - no cards and flowers in there anyway! - was on my way home from work, wondering how on earth I would have time to get ready, when my boyfriend rang me to say that he wasn't home yet, and wouldn't be home for at least an hour and a half!! He had went to Dungannon, which is 53 miles away, with his dad in the morning, to buy a bull for his dad's farm (don't ask).  However, akin to something out of the Chuckle Brothers, his father bought the bull, ony to realise that they had brought no means of transporting the animal home with them.... you couldn't make it up if you tried.  So they rang some other farmers and people they knew and eventually found someone who could help them, however they had to wait for hours and so didn't leave on time.  Basically, I got stood up because of a bull.  At least I could see the funny side!  I didn't mind, I just cancelled the reservation (God knows what the lady at the restaurant thought of me cancelling a V-Day meal!) and had a relaxing evening, then he came by later with a card and present.  We'll have our meal out another day :)

I am by no means a brilliant artist; I'm not bad, and I did Art for GSCE.  However,  I had a terrible Art teacher who picked favourites in the class.  He encouraged and assisted his favourite pupils no end, but if you weren't one of them he ignored you.  So as much as I loved Art and would have liked to carry it on as an A-Level, I knew that I'd never get a decent grade with him as my teacher.  I kept up sketching for a while after, but in the last few years haven't done any art work at all and have got really rusty!  My dad is a difficult person to buy for, and I though a painting of all his children would be a nice personal gift to go with the rest.  Here's a pic for you, it isn't completed yet!

I realise that I look nothing like myself; I think there's a catch in art that you cannot portray yourself properly...
When I was waiting on my lift home yesterday I found this lovely jumper in Tesco for £9.  It's a great chunky knit, black with glittery gold through it.  I might wear it this evening with dark skinnies or leggings and my Office leopard print shoe boots.

Today's post has been more ramble instead of outfits and purchases, for which I apologise.  I will not forget my camera in future!  Have a good day everyone, and remember - last episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is on tonight! :(


Charli said...

The bull thing made me chuckle :)

Susy said...

Awesome gift idea, really well done too, I'm sure your dad will love it :)

Chuckling at the bull story, at least you can laugh at it :D x