Monday, 28 February 2011

Another Manic Monday

Bonjour mes amis!

In work a few hours and already it's a bit mental!  Oh dear.  This will have to be as quick a post as I can manage in the circumstances (the circumstances being that this will be photo-heavy and I cannot waffle at my usual rate).  Hello new followers too :) I can't believe I'm almost at 40!  I'm wondering if I should do a... ye know... "G-word" soon, as I really do want to thank my followers and hopefully make someone's day.  However not only am I broke, I also think that blogging isn't just about trying to gain popularity by giving away free stuff... such a contradiction!!  I shall see!

I didn't get to Primark in the end :( my boyfriend had hurling matches on both Saturday and Sunday, and my mum is studying English at Uni and had to spend the whole weekend doing coursework, the poor thing! As I am looking after my little sister this weekend coming... well, Primark will have to wait *sigh*.

Ok, so Friday evening I did nothing of note other than continue wearing my hair wrap, along with some funky button earrings.
Excuse the no-makeup shot

On Saturday I had a lovely lie-in, then lazed around at home while my boyfriend had his match.  He gets a bit annoyed that I don't go to every single one!  Honestly, there's only so many matches I can watch without getting bored or frustrated!  On Saturday evening I ended up going out for dinner with him and his parents which was good craic.  I've been at our local restaurant so much these last few weeks my mum reckons I should just leave a sleeping bag there.  I spent a leisurely hour doing my hair and makeup.  I love BIG hair, so I'm always backcombing mine, but my hair is so fine it goes flat within 30 minutes :(

MUA pearl eyeshadows - Shade 2 (white), Shade 10 (navy/purple shimmer)  and Shade 12 (chocolate/slate)
My favourite boxset on as usual ;)
Blazer - Next, Body top - ebay

Cardi - River Island via Charity shop, Skirt & Tights - Primark

Heels - Devils & Dolls (these were a present so unsure of shop)

Another lazy day spent at home, tidying my room, hanging out washing, a trip to the shop and napping.  Jeez I should slow down, burning the candle at both ends, eh?!

Cardi & T-shirt - Internacionale, Jeans - D2

Bag - TK Maxx, Leopard Pumps - Shoe Zone

MUA - Shade 2 + Shade 12.
Natural Collection Lipstick - Rose Petal

The above photo shows the absolute best part of Sunday.  Homemade chocolate and pear pudding.  Words cannot describe how amazing this tastes.  I could have ate the entire dish, and felt mighty ill and it would have been totally worth it.  The above is the result of 3 people demolishing it.  Cake-like texture on top, gooey chocolate underneath, and pears.  Which make it a health food. Obvs.  It's an easy-peasy recipe to throw together, courtesy of Nigella.  Click HERE for recipe :)

Well that sums up my highly adventurous weekend, full of drama, twists and turns.

Oh wait...


Susy said...

You really suit the curls :) I'm not a huge fan of leopard print but those Devils & Dolls shoes are fab. xx

Sophie said...

love your curly hair and outfits. I love the look of that pear and choc pudding, my mum makes something similar, but yours looks fab, I'll have to try one myself! Primark will have to wait for you.

dannithegirl said...

You look gorgeous in your saturday pic, love that hair wrap! xx

dinoprincesschar said...

very pretty leopard heels, and i think i mus try the cake! :)

A Certain Vintage said...

ooh love your curly hair and bow print tights!

daisychain said...

chocolate and pear = match made in heaven. I used to make a pear and dark chocolate crumble, delish!

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the leopard accessories! A great way to spruce up any outfit! xo style, she wrote

Lucie said...

Chocolate pear pudding is something i must try - looks so good!