Friday, 18 February 2011


Thank the almighty deity that it's Friday!  I cannot wait until 5pm, when I leave work and am free!  My mum, her fiancé and my little sister are going to Dublin tomorrow to watch a hurling match, and stay over, so I have the house all to myself :)

Here is the work OOTD.  I was thinking rather hopefully about the weather when I picked the blouse; my optimism was not rewarded, sadly.  The purple and green floral design is really eye-catching.  However, I find River Island sizing very odd.  This is a 12 which is a bit tight on the bust, however their 14s hang off me; I can't win!
Blouse - River Island, Dress - Tesco, Bird Ring - Primark

Shoes - Shoe Zone

We still get an Avon lady in our area, who leaves new brochures in and takes any orders every few weeks.  I love receiving an order several weeks after placing it, as I've usually forgot all about it so it's like a surprise!  These arrived last night:

L-R: Nailwear Pro (Rose Quartz), Nailwear Matte (Violetta) and Magix Cashmere Touch Foundation (Ivory)

I ordered the foundation from a brochure when all foundations were on offer for £4.  I hadn't yet taken the leap of faith and bought Bourjois Healthy Mix.  As mentioned before, I have found that Avon foundations seem to annoy my skin, in particular the liquid foundation, and the cream-to-powder foundation compact, both of which I have tried previously.  Avon Magix began life as a primer; I personally wasn't a fan as I didn't like the texture.  I don't know why, as I daresay a lot of people would love it, it's quite velvety and smooth, and my mum loves it, however I just wasn't a big fan, and still have a tube of it in my makeup box from ages ago.  I suppose the next logical step was to create the Magix foundation.  I thought I may as well give it a try for £4 (it usually retails at £10.50)

Last night when I first swatched it on the back of my hand I thought "<insert expletive here>! It's too dark for me!"  As 'Ivory' was the lightest shade on this foundation I was majorly annoyed.  However, I have put it on today and it seems ok so far.  I did use it sparingly though, to avoid Orange Face Syndrome.  I think the first few photos below will explain why I thought it was too dark; it is very orange to begin with.  However it does even out satisfactorily, and leaves your skin soft and not cakey.  The smell is nothing special, but not too strong or off-putting.  All in all, I think I will stick with this for more 'everyday' use, and keep my Bourjois as my 'good' foundation"  I don't know if I would pay the normal price of £10.50 for it though.

Looks very dark against my skin tone

You can see why I was worried! Orange!

Evens out well once smoothed in

I used Collection 2000 Pressed Powder on top before the photos

No discernable tidemarks, however I used it very sparingly
I love the matte nail varnish; I may have to order more shades to try out!  I first heard about them when Fleur DeForce reviewed Violetta, and I couldn't wait to buy it.  I got it for £3 in the brocure.  Violetta is really hard to capture; it is a stunning deep purple.  Shimmery and wet in the bottle, and fast drying to matte when applied.  The photos make it look darker than it really is and don't capture the the violet hue.  This was after 2 coats.  It would probably look nicer on longer nails, but mine refuse to grow to ladylike lengths :(

Without flash

With flash

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.  I have a 2 hour driving lesson tomorrow, I think my boyfriend and I might go out for our belated Valentine's dinner (the bull is called Elvis, by the way...) and I have bought some popping corn to make proper popcorn in a pot on Saturday night :)


Imogen said...

This is a really great outfit especially with the sweet blouse. I love your shoes. Have fun with the house to yourself, I always love it so much when that happens.

dinoprincesschar said...

love the look of that nail polish!

daisychain said...

you have such flawless skin...and damn I want that nail polish!

Izzah Beverly said...

cute blouse! <3 xx

Sophie said...

I officially suffer from Orange Face Syndrome, its not even funny lol. Love your skin, very jealous. I don't have an avon lady :(