Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday: Hairstory

Hi all!

I have no OOTD today as it is a boring suit and shirt not worth noting.  However I was looking through some old photos yesterday and thought I'd share them with you!  I have abused my hair in many ways over the years, so I will give you a run-down of what I 've done to it...

OK let's start at the start!

Dear God!  I love looking at old photos, but it is so embarrassing!!  In the school photo I was in Primary 2, so probably 5 years old, almost 6.  With my natural brown hair and a fringe that my mum made me get!  I'm a few years older in the next one, about 8 or 9 I would say.  You can see that mother still insisted on the fringe, even though I hated it.  I was out roller-skating with my friend but I've cropped her out of the photo.  I wasn't a loner out playing by myself!  I was also very jealous of her roller-skates as they had Barbie on them :(

June 2000 - me at 13 years old.  It makes me a bit sad seeing this photo actually :( I wish I could go back to this time and make some different decisions in life, but oh well, can't dwell on the past!  I had started getting blonde highlights at this stage, as you can see.  The start of some permanent hair damage!

July 2003 - This is me at 16.  The highlights that I'd now been getting for several years were severely drying my hair and turning it to straw, and I needed to do something.  At 15 I started hanging out with the "skater" crowd, so was wearing baggy jeans, tiny tops, skater shoes and lots of eye makeup; natural progression = dye my hair red.  I made lots of mistakes when it came to shades of red hair dye; there were times I ended up ginger and one time when I had the most beautiful red hair with a purple tinge/shine to it - Schwarzkopf Country Colours 'India' - I'll always remember it!  My hair was actually below my shoulders at this point but you can only see the front layers which make it look short in this photo.  There are very few photos of me in my red hair stage, funny that...

December 2003 - Yep, after almost 2 years of red hair I got bored, and something possessed me to go blonde.  What.  A.  Disaster.  I went to the hairdresser with armed a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker with lovely natural looking blonde hair.  I left with yellow.  Although I'd never used permanent red dye on my hair, it tooks HOURS for them to make my locks turn from ginger to err "blonde".  Awful.  Worst thing I ever did to my hair!  It was in awful condition and the root upkeep was atrocious.  Look at my little sis on the left and my little bro on the right though!  So cute.  There was ony 2 months between them at this age!  She was about 2 months and he was 4 months.  I was not yet 17.  And that dress was a size 10.  Damn.

January 2004 - After being a blonde for 6 months, I decided that they have no more fun than the rest of us, plus spend far too much money on root dying, so in a vain effort to rescue my hair I got it chopped up in to a bob and dyed it brown.  It was a nightmare.  Brown dyes faded after a few weeks, leaving me with dirty-blonde ends.  I believe that this is now know as "ombre" hair - if only it had been fashionable then! I spent a fortune on hair dye during the next few months!

May 2004 - You can kinda see the "ombre" thing going on in this photo.  I was 17 and heading to my cousin's wedding reception.  The dress was borrowed from a friend and I obviously had no clue how to do my makeup.  The shame.  I was however, still thin here!

December 2006 - In my second year at University of Leicester, a stone heavier (drink weight) but loving it.  This was taken in the living room of the house I shared with friends in 2nd year; we had so much fun.  I really miss the place.  My hair was basically recovered from the blonde trauma now, I didn't need to dye it anymore...

December 2006 - So I got blonde slices put in it.  I was rarely happy was I?!  I love my hair here.  The blonde wasn't highlights, it was chunks of the under-section and so there wasn't much upkeep.  My hair was in good condition and it looked quite natural.  Plus I went to a fantastic salon in Leicester to get it done.  At a cost of £100.  Ouch.  Thank God for student loans, eh?  Here's a few more "blonde-slices" shots:

January 2007

March 2007

November 2008 - In the one above, I was at Oxford doing my Post-Graduate Diploma.  I still had remnants of blonde through my hair, and I'd just had it cut by a fantastic stylist in an Oxford salon.  He was quite cruel about my split ends (I hadn't had a hair cut in 7 months, oops) and said it needed a lot of length off to make it healthy.  I was scared of him so I agreed.  Honestly, fastest and best hair cut I've ever had.  He just went "whack-whack-whack-snip" and that was it; perfect.  I was annoyed at the length but it did feel much better.

April 2009 - taken on the day of my uncle's wedding.  I had returned to the salon in Oxford the week before and got my hair dyed chocolate brown.  It was a bit darker than my natural colour but I liked it and it was so healthy.  I didn't see the point in the blonde bits now that I wasn't living near the Leicester salon that did them for me!  I've basically not really varied from this shade since.

February 2011 - Taken at my friend's engagement party a few weeks ago.  I dyed my hair "Chestnut Brown" on New Year's Eve but it's basically my natural colour now.  I think I shall keep it this way for the foreseeable future.  No hassle and hard to go wrong with it this way!

This turned out to be quite a long post!  I hope I haven't bored you by droning on.  I find it interesting seeing how people's hair has evolved through the years ;)

Are you all up to much this weekend for Valentine's or otherwise?  On Saturday my uncle who lives in Leicester and his family are coming over and we are all going out to dinner to celebrate my granny and grandad's 50th Wedding Annivarsary!  Unbelievable!  Then on Monday evening me and my boyfriend are going for dinner for Valentine's Day, then on Tuesday evening I'm going out for dinner for my dad's 50th Birthday!  So I will probably gain about a stone in 4 days next week.  Oh dear!  It doesn't often happen though so I may as well enjoy :)

Have a great weekend everyone! xx


daisychain said...

I love looking back at old pictures of people, I should drag some of mine up! xox

FitznBitz said...

Oooh i'm liking the March 2007 one the best I think!

Sophie said...

wow, you've really done a lot with your hair. worst thing I did with mine was try to dye it bright blue but it went grey instead :s