Thursday, 10 February 2011

Green-Eyed Monster


I have a few products to show you that I bought yesterday on my lunch hour (of course)!  I can't resist nipping in to good old Superdrug to see what's on offer and eye up all the goodies.  I see that they currently have "2 for £6.99" on BarryM dazzle dusts so I may treat myself to some soon if I can afford it.  However I'm broke this week, as of course we have Valentine's Day coming up, plus the 15th is both my grandparents' Golden Wedding Annivarsary and my dad's birthday, so need to get presents sorted!  So far I've ordered my dad a t-shirt from the website of his favourite football team.

Here is what I picked up from the MUA stand, all items are £1 which is great as it won't break the bank:

I picked up two nail varnishes and this eyeshadow in No. 2 Pearl, as I've heard that the MUA pearl eyeshadows are very good value.  I love nude nail varnish, and have too many shades of it to be honest!  However for £1 I don't mind trying another one :)

The eyeshadow is quite good; shimmery and a very good highlight.  I found it hard to get a decent amount on my brush, but maybe that's just me.

With flash
Without flash
The nail varnishes are very good value.  Granted, they are quite small, however I really like the selection of colours that they do and although the little brush isn't fantastic, they look lovely after 2 coats, apply evenly and have a lovely sheen.  I thought that the green might be good for doing little flowers on my nails some time.

After testing out both varnishes, I decided I'd stick with the green and make it stand out with another colour on top.  I do like the result, however I won't be using the green as an 'everyday' nail varnish; it's probably more suited to St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, or for general nail art designs!  I did dots of China Glaze silver ("Cheers yo You") on top:

Here is today's work ensemble, it's not very exciting:

Shirt - New Look, Skirt - Matalan, Belt - Next (mum's!)
I brightened up the all-black outfit with my jewellery:

Necklace - Connie's Crafts, Bird Ring - Primark, Claddagh Ring - don't know, was a present

The necklace is from a local jewellery shop in the town I work in, and I bought it about 6 years ago I think.  It is a very bright "in your face" piece though, so I don't wear it much!  The shop does lots of gorgeous stuff, most of it really unique and it is always my first stop for jewellery.

For those from/familiar with Northern Ireland, wearing a Claddagh ring can essentially be seen as flaunting your religious/political beliefs.  I personally don't care what religion someone is; my family is from a mixed religious background and I'd rather not get into all this.  But I get so annoyed that people do still discriminate against others because of it.  My Claddagh ring was a present from my mum about 10 years ago.  I have wore it almost every day since she gave it to me; it has personal meaning and is a subtle but pretty piece of jewellery.  The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty.  However, depending on where I'm going, I sometimes feel that I can't wear it as it might provoke someone or lead them to judge me because I am wearing an traditional Irish ring.  You can't win.  When I was desperately job-hunting in September last year I couldn't wear it to job interviews as it might have affected my chances.  Thankfully, I now work in a mixed office where no-one judges based on religion and it's certainly never been an issue.  It's sad that all places here haven't reached that point, and probably never will.

Wow that was a slightly serious issue!  I hope no-one minds me bringing it up.  Most people from here are like myself, open-minded, accepting and welcoming of all religion.  However there are a select few that aren't and I do not mean to offend or upset people, and I certainly don't wish to cause any disagreements or arguments.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I am so tired this week!  Have a good one folks xx


Charli said...

I love the green colour! I always tend to shop in boots because of the boots points you get!! May have to "pop" into superdrug and see the different brands on offer in there :)

Susy said...

I love that outfit, I sometimes wish my office was more formal.

I also love Claddagh rings, although I only have one that was a gift from my Gran when I was little and I can't wear it anymore. I remember being told it meant 'I give you my heart & crown it with my love' Quiet cheesy but I thought it was really sweet, I never have looked on it as anything other than it being a ring, but where I am religious/politicals beliefs aren't really something folk bother about.

Laurs said...

@Charli - I always forget that I should shop in Boots to up my points! I am the worst advantage card owner ever! I wish Superdrug did one too :(

@Susy - They are lovely rings, and essentially they represent love and friendship, so it's a shame that people over here can still be bitter and prejudiced :( you can judge someone's religion here by what football team they support for God's sake! Hence why I didn't name my dad's haha!

Thanks for the comments ladies :) xx

dannithegirl said...

Wow how interesting that that piece of jewellery can make that much difference in NI, even to the extent of affecting your job chances. Thanks for bringing it up!

daisychain said...

Your bird ring = amazing!

MLMB said...

I love the fleshy coloured varnish hun! really pretty and your work outfit is super gorgeous!! wit woo!! :D Wow I had no idea re:ring! That's really interesting! I'm so chilled I say live and let live! Variety is the spice of life :) ƸӜƷMakinglifemorebeautifulxxxx