Thursday, 24 February 2011

One Of Those Days...

Today is, so far, really shaping up to be "one of those days".  My alarm didn't go off.  I am positive of this, as I always hear that bloody alarm.  So I woke up at 7.45.  The time I was meant to meet my lift. "Scheiße!!" came to mind.  I flung on my clothes at record speed and my boyfriend dropped me to my lift's house.  I was about ten minutes late and had to apologise profusely. 

When I got to work my internet still wasn't working, as a BT man who was doing work yesterday had moved the router and my PC couldn't pick up the signal.  Eventually got it connected after much flicking of switches and relocation of the router. 

I realised at 10.30 that I still had a plastic tag on the front of my new work dress.  The label is also still on it but at least no one can see that.  I was about to take an OOTD photo when I realised that my shirt was on inside out; obviously a result of this morning's rush.  I only realised this after I had walked to the shop without a jacket on.  And the zip not fully up.

How did I ever manage to get a job?...

Shirt - M&S via Charity Shop, Dress - Peacocks
I got this dress yesterday, down to £17.  I know I have no need to buy any more clothes (as my mother/boyfriend/friends keep reminding me) however, I figure that as I spend 80% of the week in work clothing, I should at least treat myself to a nice dress!  When I get in from work I tend to just have a shower and put on my PJs, so I only wear everyday or dressy clothes at the weekends.  I had originally thought I would get the dress pictured below, as I liked it too, but I think the one above is a more flattering shape on me.  The high neck combined with my bust made me look a bit square, sadly.  Plus the belt wasn't great.

I also really don't know the best angle for OOTD shots... Today's shot makes my legs look chunky, and I honestly don't think that I have chunky legs.  However the shots that make my legs look nice require the camera being at a lower level, which emphasises my stomach, which is chunky.  Can't win!


MUA Shade 10
I spent most of yesterday in Court listening to a rather dull property dispute.  However I was itching to go to the Courtroom upstairs to watch the trial on in there!  Those outside N.Ireland probably haven't heard about it, but it is in the news here every day.  It's a woman, Hazel Stewart; 20 years ago her lover killed her husband and his wife and now she has admitted she didn't stop him doing it.... oh the drama.  Google it, an interesting read, if you lke that sort of thing!
Tomorrow is Friday, woohoo! :)


*Zoe* said...

I hate days like that! And I don't think your legs look chunky at all!
Zoe x
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dinoprincesschar said...

gaaah for days like that. i could not get motivated this morning, so just did everything reeeeallllly slowly, and was almost late :(

dannithegirl said...

That dress and shirt outfit is very flattering on you, love it! I totally googled that case, I'm so nosy!!

FitznBitz said...

Ha ha what a disaster!! "One of those days" is right!! You looked lovely and smart though...i'm sure even with all the....oopsies!!

Sophie said...

hate days like that! There is nothing chunky about you Lauren, your pictures are fab x

Charly said...

Aw we all have days like that, hoping your friday goes bettr for you! Exciting stuff with the court case aswell, have read it in the news, love the colour of the silky shirt,


Imogen said...

What a day, I hope you have better days to come. I absolutely love your dress and with the shirt under it, it's very beautiful. The court case sounds interesting. Also I am wonder whether property might be the area of law I would like to go into.