Friday, 4 February 2011

Product Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

It's Friday!! :D 

I added 'pages' to my blog yesterday, to try and tidy it up a bit!  There is a long post ahead here people, I hope you don't mind...
I know that everyone and their dog have been doing reviews of this foundation, however why shouldn't I jump on the bandwagon? ;)  After hearing fantastic things from BrittanyLove and Aoife at FashionTurnToTheRight I decided to brave the elements yesterday on my lunch hour, and go to Boots to purchase the stuff.

Maybe I should describe my natural skin first... I am very pale (no surprise there, living in N.I.!)  and my skin has decided in recent years that it is 'sensitive' - so some products can make me go very red/blotchy/dry if my skin reacts badly.  For example, Avon foundations are prone to doing this to me, however my mum loves her Avon one and has no problems using it on her skin.  I am not dissing Avon as they do lots of good stuff, but sadly their foundations aren't great for me personally!

My 'good' foundation that I try to limit to wearing on nights out/occassions is MAC Studio Fix Fluid; I have been using it since 2006.  It provides really good coverage, and is really good at covering blemishes/spots, all around brilliant, however I don't like to wear heavy foundation on a daily basis, hence why I limit my use of it.  When I first went to try it, the silly lady at the MAC counter declared "You're NW25, like me, I can tell!".  I straight away thought that she was either colourblind or trying to flatter me, but she put some NW25 on my face and it looked fine, so I bought it and went on my merry way.  Once I began using it myself, it was a challenge.  NW25 was far too dark for me, so I had to apply it verrry liberally or I looked ridiculous.  If I had fake tan on though, it was generally not too bad.  When it was time to repurchase MAC SFF, I moved down to NW20.  Again, it was grand if I'd tanned (poet and I know it) but on my natural skin, too dark.  So I have reached the bottom rung of the SFF ladder, NW15, which is as close a match to my natural skin as I can get.

For everyday use though, I prefer lighter coverage.  Indeed, some days I don't bother putting makeup on at all.  If my skin is clear and not blotchy looking, I have absolutely no problem going to work au naturale.  I like to give my skin a break.  However, if I do look especially crap, I like something to boost my face.  I had been using Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser recently, but not liking it much; it was too dark and really hard to blend; it always looked unnatural (oh the irony) and streaky I thought.  Which is why I decided to give Healthy Mix a go as my new 'everyday' foundation... for when I can be bothered!

Healthy Mix promises a "Perfectly glowing complexion and toned skin" as it uses "fruit therapy".  It claims to be radiant, hydrating, anti-oxidising and energising for your skin.  At £9.99 it isn't going to break the bank.  The bottle is a decent size for putting in my makeup bag; slim and not bulky, it doesn't hog all the room ;)  What I first noticed was that there wasn't a huge selection of shades; maybe 5 in total? The lightest shade was 51 - Vanille Clair, I think.  I had no makeup on at the time, so I dabbed a small blob of 51 on one cheek, and a small blob of 52 - Vanilla, on the other, and then blended them both in.  To be honest, I was very surprised, as both seemed to blend in without a trace; no tidemarks at all!  I was a bit baffled - which one do I buy then??  I decided I'd get 52, as if I had tan on and used 51 I might end up a paleface.

So I bought 52, went back to my office and got to work... with my new foundation.  It glided on to my skin beautifully, no streaks, no tidemarks, nothing.  It evened out my complexion and neither created nor emphasised any dry patches or redness.  It smells lovely; I personally wouldn't go as far as saying that it smells 'fruity', perhaps a light fruit tinge to it, however it definitely doesn't have the usual chalky, heady scent that can come with foundation.  It definitely gave my face a very healthy glow, without caking my skin.  I used powder to set it, as I usually do, however it would also look great without powder on top.

Here is a swatch on my hand.  They were taken using a flash.
Just out of the container...

Rubbed in to my hand lightly...

Rubbed in completely.

Of course, my hand is a different colour to my face so you can see the slight difference in the colour of my skin and the foundation itself, but it is very slight.  On the face, it looks very natural:

I am not wearing fake tan so this is the foundation on my natural skin tone

No tidemarks

I think it makes my skin look very healthy and alive!

The above were yesterday's photos.  I took my makeup off around 8pm before I got a shower, and even after I'd removed it, I thought that my skin still looked nice!  Less blotchy than usual.  Maybe it was all in my head, but I really did think that my skin looked good.  I put it on again this morning, so it will be a test of its longevity today!

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix (52)
Concealer: Avon Invisible Light Concealer (light)
Powder:  Collection 2000 Pressed Powder (2)
Blusher: MUA (2)
Highlight: MeMeMe (Moonbeam)

Eyshadow:  NYC Metro Quartet (The Best of Broadway)
Mascara: Maybelline The Colossal

All in all I think that, so far, I would highly recommend that anyone give this foundation a try.  I think that it would be suitable for most skin types!

The only other thing I got yesterday was BarryM 3-in-1 Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener clear varnish.  Simply because I needed a top coat.  I love that you can see the little ball bearings inside :)

Well, if you actually made it to the end of this post, well done!! I hope I didn't bore you too much, I just like to give all relevant information so that people can get an informed opinion; I am nothing if not thorough ;) Have a fantastic Friday, and weekend too if I don't get a chance to post! :)


daisychain said...

I think I shall be trying these, I need a new foundation!

Nic's Notebook said...

Oooh it does look lovely!! I have heard a lot about it too, def time to try it out! I am a fellow NI pale-skinned girlie lol

Catanya said...

Hey pretty!! I am happy you wrote this review, since I am looking forward to trying this foundation!! It looks flawless on you!!
Grat blog! I have just become your newest follower,

FitznBitz said...

I had this before and quite liked it. Actually i really liked it. I've no idea why I havent gotten it since. I'm the same with the Mac SFF. It's lovely and all but it feels heavy, like as if your skin cant breath. I'm NW20, would I be about the 52 mark in the Healthy Mix as well dya think? Must have a look xo

dannithegirl said...

Thanks for the foundation tip, I have a ton of no.7 stuff to work through but might go for this next. You've got lovely skin by the way! (Argh there's no way of writing that without sounding creepy!!)