Monday, 21 February 2011

Rain, rain, go to Spain...

After an unusually sunny, mild and cheerful weekend, it's back to the norm of breezy, rainy weather here in NI.  What a shame!  I had a quiet, peaceful, relaxing weekend with the house to myself - it's just as good as a holiday!  Even though I am a clean freak and spent a lot of time cleaning, it still didn't feel like work :)  The most stressful part of the weekend was on Saturday evening, when I answered the house phone to a man from the police in Belfast asking about my mum's car... I almost had a heart attack, I thought he was about to say they had been in an accident or something and was preparing for awful news.  But he said there was a car reported in that area and the licence plate number brought up my mum's name, however the type of car didn't match?  So either someone must have reported a licence plate incorrectly, or else there's a car in Belfast with fake plates (wouldn't that be a shocker...)  Of course the other option is that my mum, her fiancé, my wee sister, and my grandparents were tearing around the big smoke causing trouble, but I can't see that happening!  At 8pm last night everyone arrived back and my peace was shattered :( but they enjoyed their trip which is the main thing!


On Friday evening me and my bf went out for our belated Valentine's dinner to one of our favourite restaurants.  The food was good for the most part, however I ordered duck and the orange sauce was burnt :/ so a slight let-down there.  Here's what I wore (and it was raining and freezing, not a great choice!)

Dress & watch - ASOS, Tights - Dunnes, Necklace - Connie's

Sequin Blazer - Internacionale
The ASOS dress was given to me by a friend (I've mentioned her donations before, she recently lost a worrying 3 dress sizes and nothing fitted her), I think she purchased it about 2 years ago.  It is slightly tight on me; further proof that I'm letting the eating habits slide!  The back of the dress has an exposed zip.  Rather embarassingly, I only realised when I returned from my meal and looked at the photos that the hem was falling down at the back of the dress :( oh dear.  Which is why I cropped the photo below!  The sequin blazer was a Christmas present in 2009 and sadly it doesn't get much wear.

Shoes - Priceless

On Friday I bought 2 new MUA pearl eyeshadows (shade 10, a navy/purple shimmer, and shade 12, a chocolatey-slate colour.  They're so hard to describe!) in Superdrug and had a little experiment, and wore them out too.  I used MUA pearl shade 2 (white) as a base and highlight, then sahde 12 in the outer corners, and 10 over the top of that for some depth.


On Saturday I had a 2 hour driving lesson in the afternoon, which went ok.  I still have a major problem with forgetting to check mirrors before I signal, d'oh! :(  I then spent the rest of the afternoon doing washing and things around the house, then relaxing and painting my nails.


Jeans - D2, T-shirt - Peacocks, Blazer - Tesco, Pumps - Jean Scene, Necklace- Next, Bracelets - Wallis

This China Glaze was another sale find in Sallys for £1.20.  I thought the neon yellow was really funky, though not an 'everyday wear' sort of colour!  However when I started to put it on, I got pretty irritated.  The consistency is really watery and runny.  It goes on thinly and dries quickly into a matte finish.  It is so translucent, I was wondering how on earth I could make it look anything like the colour in the bottle.... 7 or 8 coats, that's how.  I'm not sure how many exactly, as I lost count after 5.  Slightly time consuming, but a really funky end result.  Eventually.  This colour is so hard to capture too; these snaps don't really do it justice.

With flash

Without flash

With a coat of BarryM Instant Effects

Sunday was a lazy day for me!  I cleaned the house, did some washing and ironing, and baked a cake :)  a chocolate malteaser cake as inspired by A Daisy Chain Dream's malteaser cake last week!  However I decided to try something new for the frosting and errr.... I don't like it :( it's a cream cheese based frosting, which sounded lovely in theory, and looks great, but I just don't like the taste of it.  It's too tangy and doesn't match the chocolate cake in my opinion.  I added far more icing sugar than the recipe called for in an attempt to sweeten it up, plus I used cocoa powder, but I still wasn't happy with it.  I don't know what other people's reactions to the icing are yet, but I imagine similar to mine!

The moral of the story is - you live and you learn!

Happy Monday everyone! :)


dinoprincesschar said...

i've tried cream cheese frosting in the past and hated it, so sticking with buttercream icing in the future! the cake looks rather wonderful though!

daisychain said...

I LOVE your nails!x

Vicki said...

ive got that barry m crackle stuff on right now!! ive been wanting it for ages but its always sold out but finally i got it last week! ive wearing it over flamingo pink :) xo

Jennyboo said...

That neon yellow nail polish is so amazing! Want! xoxo

Susy said...

Loving both of these outfits :) Especially loving the 2nd one, so chilled but still stylish.

Agree with the cream. xx

MLMB said...

Haha re:your mum potentially causing havoc :) Thank goodness it was nothing serious though babe!!
Your yellow nails look fab but OMG re: so many coats!!! :-o that dress looked STUNNING on you... absolutely gorgeous!!! You have such a gorgeous figure. Loved your little red shoes the following day too with the pants! Booo to the burnt meal though on Friday :( Aw I love your blog posts :) That sucks about not liking your cake topping :( It looks so yum... hold your nose and chew ;) :) ps. I will come and live at your New Look shop now ;) *hugs* ƸӜƷ MLMBeautiful ƸӜƷ xxxx

Sophie said...

I thought I commented on this post already but I must be going senile, lol. The cake looks amazing! I've never iced a cake before, I'm too impatient. Love both your outfitsm, that blazer is great :)