Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tired by Tuesday

The worst part of the week is over...

I see that since yesterday I have gained 3 new followers!  I rather thought that I'd plateaued at 21.  I am still stunned when people like my  ramblings enough to click that 'follow' button, so thank you all so much :)

Yesterday was a busy day in work, but it went quickly which was nice.  My dad, stepmum and brothers are on holidays at the minute, lucky buggers, and so I am on guinea pig feeding and cleaning duty until they return - as if I don't have enough to do!!

Here is what I wore to work yesterday.  Either these are some seriously unflattering photographs, or else I need to stop eating junk food pronto! (Will be difficult with all that chocoate and orange cake lurking around my fridge...)

Suit  - Next, Jumper - Internacionale
Necklace - Peacocks

Studded Courts - Shoe Zone
This jumper is a good work staple; warm and cosy but not too casual either.  And as the suit is grey with a blue check, it goes with it really well.  The shoes were about £12.99 I think.  I love them!  But I've only wore these a few times so they aren't worn in and comfy yet!  Yesterday morning my boss said to me "Great necklace! Very nice!", and later on he told me that I looked very sophisticated.  I realise, that this sounds rather dodgy; I assure you it's not!  My boss is a lovely man in his 60s who just got married to his long-term lady-friend.  He is just rather old school and I suppose appreciates women wearing more 'lady-like' things, which doesn't much happen these days!

Here is what I'm wearing today:


Thought I'd wear my lavender blouse today, as tomorrow I have to go to the High Court, so it will be a black dress and white shirt for that - God forbid I wear something outlandish....

Babysitting for my one year old cousin tonight, plus watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings... let's hope he's asleep by 9pm!!  Have a good day folks x

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