Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weekend Antics


I am writing today with a bit of a hangover... but that's what happens when you go to a friend's engagement party on a Saturday night and drink Polish vodka - yikes!!


After work I met a few friends for a few drinks in the pub and a catch up.  Thankfully it was literally 2 drinks then home!  I thought I'd show you some "before and after" makeup photos; it's amazing what makeup can do...

Scary, isnt' it?!  I love this Peacocks jumper with the embellished shoulder detail.  So pretty.

In the no-makeup photo I had just blow dried my hair, which is why it's a bit of a state; here are the hair products I use before drying:

The Bed Head 'Small Talk' is really good for giving a bit of volume and life to my hair, without it, my hair is flat as a pancake.  I use Heat Defence spray simply cos I'm scared not to - I worry I will frazzle my hair with too much straightening/curling!


My friend and her fiancé had their engagement party last night.  There were drinks at her house first, then off to a local bar for some music and dancing.  It was a good night, until my boyfriend found a partner-in-crime to do jaegerbombs with him.  I warned him... when we got home he proceded to throw up.  I have a complete phobia of vomiting, it seriously gives me palpitations, terrifies me.  So I went downstairs to sleep on the sofa, and left him to it - how nice of me ;)

I wore a dress from Missguided - Sheenah Sequin Detail Bodycon Dress in Mocha.  I love it!  I got it in November to wear to a dinner dance event, so this was only the second time I've wore it.  I love the colour and the sparkle :)  I teamed it with my New Look wedges (umm anyone got tips for removing scuff marks on suedette shoes?... :/ ) and the jewellery my boyfriend got me for Christmas (in the end I replaced the lost earring myself!)


For my eye makeup I used a kit that my aunt and uncle gave me for Christmas.  The brand is FrontCover, which I'd never heard of before, but the things I got seem really good.  They're loose powders, a bit like BarryM Dazzle Dusts I would imagine, but they're bigger pots.  They blend really well and have great colour payoff, plus there's glitters, which would probably be a bit much on some occasions.  I used the white (Cloud Dancer) and gold (Dawn Chorus), plus the gold glitter (Sparkler) last night.  Why not!

Foundation:  Bourjois Healthy Mix (52 Vanilla)
Concealer:  Avon Invisible Light (light)
Blusher:  MeMeMe cheek/lip tint (Pussycat)
Highlighter:  MeMeMe (Moonbeam)

Primer: FrontCover Shadow Stick
Shadow: FrontCover Cloud Dancer + Dawn Chorus + Sparkler
Mascara:  Maybelline The Colossal
Fake Lashes:  Eyelure Girls Aloud (Kimberley)
Eyebrows:  Darkened with Benefit Dandy Brandy

Lipstick:  BarryM Lip Paint (101)
Gloss:  BarryM Lip Wand (10)

I think that the Bourjois foundation has definitely proved itself now!  Love it muchly :)  I finished off my look with backcombed hair and subtle but pretty nails; Rimmel Milk Chocolate + GOSH MAgic Star:

Ignore the drink lashed down my beautiful dress; risk you take when consuming vodka + tonic while dancing!
 I hope you all had a good weekend, back to the grindstone tomorrow!!  I am now going to shower, drink tea and watch Frasier while my head recovers! :)


Charli said...

Love those shoes!! For the shoes - buy a suede brush - basically a brush with rubber on it!!! x

Sophie said...

love your sparkly dress and eye makeup :)

daisychain said...

I love that missguided dress on you!