Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What's In My Bag...

Morning all!

I did the unthinkable yesterday... I exercised! :/  I am a total lazy bugger by the way, so this is a major feat!  I'd forgot that on Saturday night, vodka and tonic in hand, I'd said to my friend who is starting to go running, "Oh yes, I used to, I really should do it again.  If you're going a run let me know and I'll join you!".... Now.  This is all well and good when you're half-cut...  When you're sober, just home from work on a Monday evening, about to have a hot shower then dinner, and your friend rings to ask what time you want to go for a run... well.  Different story.  My heart sank.  But I didn't want to be a rubbish friend, so we arranged a time and I braced myself. 

It was cold and dark and raining.  I haven't ran in years, I haven't even went a decent walk recently due to the awful weather, dark nights and exhaustion after work!  But we headed out, got wet and frozen (hate when it's so cold you get sore ears!)  and did a short route, with minimal walking.  I was home in less than 10 minutes, prompting my mum to laugh at me. Grrr.  But we are starting realistically; if we'd done a longer route we'd simply have done more walking.  But later my friend measured it in her car and reckoned we'd done 0.8 miles, which was more than I thought, so I was pleased and felt good for having done it.  I also slept like a rock last night.  However, now my friend has decided that we should form a relay team to do the Belfast Marathon - ummm.....

Anyway!  Yesterday I saw on ADaisyChainDream a "What's in my bag" post, so I thought that I would do the same for a bit of a change!  This is my current "Work" bag, i.e.: I take it to work everyday and rarely alter the contents!  I seem to get stuck in a rut with handbags too; I'll use the same one for aaaages, and then when I get fed up with it and transfer all my junk to a new one, I'll use it for ages too!  And so on and so on...

This is the bag I'm using at the minute; I got it for £9 in TK Maxx January Sale, and posted a photo of it on the blog.  It's a lovely camel colour and goes with everything.  Plus the coat I usually wear to work is a camel coloured mac, so it goes well!  Now for the contents...

Book I'm currently reading (it's slow going with this one... so far it's a bit too 'fluffy' and silly for my liking, hence why I have no bother going days without reading it) plus my purse.  I got the purse in TK Maxx too, as my last purse was really small and barely held anything, so I decided to get a 'proper' purse.  This one is a good size with plenty of room for cards, notes and a zip pocket for change.

Glasses case, pen from the Recruitment Agency I used to work through, painkillers and random toffees (I don't even like toffee... why they are in my bag I'm not sure).

Lemsip (you never know), broken BlackBerry cover :( , mini hairbrush, rather beaten up iPod earphones (I use them with my BlackBerry) and long strap for the handbag which I've never used.

Decongestant tablets and er... old receipts.  Useful!

Makeup bag, makeup brush, hairspray and hand cream.  I get dry hands all the time so get through a lot of hand cream!  The makeup bag contains a selection of 'essentials' that I might use if it's an "I need makeup" kind of day.  Here's the contents of it:

Bourjois Healthy Mix, Avon Invisible Light Concealer, foundation sponge, eyeshadow brush, NYC eyeshadow quad, MUA blusher, BarryM Lip Gloss, BarryM Lip Paint, mini Nina Ricci perfume, Blistex Relief cream (cannot live without this) and Maybelline The Colossal Mascara.

Also, when I'm going to work, I take a less attractive, but decent carrier bag, as the last 2 items are too big for my handbags:

My A4 size work diary and a 1.5 litre bottle of water.  I try to finish the water before I leave work at 5 p.m., or just after I get home, and then fit in another large glass at home.  Trying to up the water intake, ya know!

OK so that's it really :)  have a good day everyone, and I should be back tomorrow! x


*Zoe* said...

I kove these sorts of posts - I think I'll do one soon too. I love your bag! £9, what a bargain!!
Oh and I don't do exercise either apart form walking! I'm just plain lazy!
Zoe x
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daisychain said...

I love your bag, my local TK Maxx was dire for bags t'other day, but good for err, cake mix!

Hurrah for allowing me to be nosy back at your bag! x