Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

I love reaching Wednesday; my wage cheque has cleared, and there's only 2 days until the weekend :)


Dress - F&F @ Tesco, Blouse - Peacocks, Belt & Tights - Dunnes
My mum really liked this blouse and dress together, it was sensible with a twist I suppose!  I see my orb friend has returned in this photo; ghost for sure! ;)

At lunch time I was walking back from the bank, and called into Sally's (a different one from last time - God knows why this town needs 2 of them, but it has!) to see if there was anymore China Glaze nail varnish on sale.  They had a slightly better selection, but were obviously down to the dregs of the Christmas stock.  I settled for "Midnight Kiss", a gold shade.  Probably the companion to the silver "Cheers to You" I bought before Christmas at full price.  This one said £2.00 on the bottle, but they were sneaky and added on the VAT at the till, so it was really £2.40, gah!  There was another beautiful red.plum colour which I may go back for another day, I just don't wear reds too often so thought this was the one I would get most use out of:

With flash

Without flash

Apart from my new gold nail varnish, here is today's work outfit:

Skirt - Matalan, Belt & Jacket - Dunnes
Top - Topshop, Mary Janes- Shoe Zone
This top used to be a dress.  A friend who has recently dropped 3 dress sizes (from a 12 to a 6 - I'm a bit worried...) gave it to me as it no longer fits her.  As a dress it made me look huge, a big mess.  I think it's the frills.  So I cut it up in to a top and wear it with high-waisted stuff and it looks ok.  Not a fan of the 'no-sleeves' thing but I keep my jacket on!  It might be OK for summer too.

Watch -, Ring- Primark

Ring - Diva @ Miss Selfridge
Love gold jewellery at the minute!  Today I'm gonna leave you with a brilliant song I have "rediscovered" - I remember watching it in my friend's house on the music channels when I was 12, so it brings back memories.  I also love the message it has though; there is so much negativity today about how people look.  Everyone is different, individual, unique and beautiful.  So what if I'm not a size 0 with perfect teeth and normal-sized feet?  Even Kate Moss has days when she looks like feck all squared (most days, I think, but that's just me...) and I bet even Victoria Beckham think's she could lose more weight.  Her cheekbones scare me.  Wait til her new baby bump starts showing; she'll shit herself.

So ladies, love who you are, what you have, and all the positive things in life, because one day you'll look back at that photo of you with full cheeks, surrounded by family and friends and realise that being healthy, happy and loved is all that matters. Being miserable is not worth it, you're all amazing! xx

TLC - Unpretty


Charli said...

Yey for gold nail!!
Yey for asos watches!!
Yey for statement rings :D
yey for customising clothes!!
yey for leopard print!!

yehh i like the post hahaha


Alex said...

Your rings are both beautiful!
And I think that dress looks great as a top. I love cutting things up and making something completely new out of them :)

Izzah Houdini said...


daisychain said...

omg omg omg that nail polish! NEED!

Sophie said...

love this post hun :). Both outfits are beautiful, those rings are so cute, and tlc unpretty, ah remember it so well. Chasing waterfalls was my favourite.
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

Fashion Fabrice said...

I LOVE that china glaze gold colour on your nails! ANd the outfits are so pretty! especially loving that blouse your mother liked so much with the dress:) very cute!
You have such a great blog by the way! Im really happy i ran into it! You are very stylish and i like reading your posts:)
so i'm going to follow you:)
Hope you come & visit me back & become a follower too!


have a fabulous day:)