Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bye Bye, March!

Can someone please explain to me how on earth March is over already!? Help! This means it is only 18 days to my birthday, and I don't want to get any older, thank you very much!

I have kept up with my walking again last night (plus a wee bit of running) and my inner thighs are tight as <insert distasteful simile here>.  I have agreed to go walkies with a friend and her doggy this evening.  I will be walking like a robot!

Anywho, I have recovered my OOTD from the weekend!  Plus some shots of my makeup.  I used my 120 Pro Palette silvers and blacks to do a metallic smokey eye, which I haven't tried for a long time, and as you can see I was a bit heavy handed with the black :/ oopsie!

Chinos & Blouse - Peacocks, Shoes - Penneys (i.e. Primark in R.O.I.)

These shoes are so pretty, but impossible to walk in :(

So on to less exciting things, namely today's work outfit!

 Suit & Jumper - Next

I did these nails last night - can you guess where I got the inspration?! Maybe I should start paying Leanne royalties at this rate!  However I love her nail designs, and they are still easy enough for beginners like me to have a bash at.  Practice makes perfect and I love trying the different looks!  I actually did my colours inverted compared to hers, bascially as I forgot which colour she had used as the base and which for the accent nail!  I used China Glaze Midnight Kisses gold and Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Siren.

My little sister always loves the designs and wants me to do them on her nails, however attempting this on a 7 year old's tiny nails wouldn't work at all.  I always feel so bad that I can't do them for her :(

I cannot wait until 5pm tomorrow, I am so tired this week.  I think the time changing has buggered up my body clock more than I realised!  However, on a lighter note, I discovered today that Francine Pascal, athor of the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books that I loved as a pre-teen, has done a "ten years on" book - Sweet Valley Confidential! I have seen on Twitter that I am not the ony person mega excited about this!  I loved the books when I was younger and so this is a must-read for me!  It is released on 14th April here in the UK so I think I will ask for it as a birthday present.  Did anyone else read them too?!  Who was your favourite character?  I always wanted to be Jessica!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Midway through the week and I am immensely fed up already!  I cannot wait for the weekend!

I have been going out walking for the last few nights and my legs currently feel like lead - this has to be a good thing.  Last year I went walking almost every evening with a good friend of mine as we were both trying to stay in shape.  She has since moved to Belfast and not only do I miss her muchly for our random evenings spent with a bottle of rosé, but I also really miss her company for our walks! :( It is rather more dull walking by myself, even with my ipod, as we used to chat so much we barely noticed how much we were walking (unless we were huffing and puffing our way uphill, of course...)  However I am going to try and stick with it, as sitting at a desk all day and being totally sedentary at home has been having a negative effect on my middle section!

Anyways, walking aside, this is today's work ensemble:
Dress: Primark, Blouse - TK Maxx, Blazer - Tesco

I realise that this blazer is not a great match.  I have the jacket to match the dress however it is too big and I have yet to get back to Primark to change it!  Bah.  I haven't worn this blouse in ages so I thought I'd go all blue today :) I quite like it, I think that although the blouse is really bright, the deep matte navy of the dress tones the look down... or maybe I'm wrong and look ridiculous!

I did these nails last night - click HERE for the tutorial by Leanne at DoNotRefreeze.  The colours I used are very bright - hers are more pastel shades - however I think these were the best 3 colours I could use as my collection isn't that extensive!  I'll maybe try a pink theme next time.  I used a dark sponge, which kindly left little black flecks stuck on the varnish.  However the zebra stripes covered these and a topcoat really helped the colours to "merge" a bit more.  I was too heavy handed so the gradient from yellow to coral is awful, but I will know for next time.  I used Rimmel Lasting Finish in Sunshine as the base, then BarryM in Coral and used Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Big Hair (red) on the tips.  I used my crappy trusty Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner for the stripes.

What do you think?  Any other colour combinations you think would be good for this gradient effect?  Should I maybe film some nail looks for my youtube channel?  All suggestions welcome :)

Have a good day everyone!

P.S.: For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I have now changed my username to "@gottaloveatrier" just so that it matches my bloggy :) x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Je suis revenue...

I have returned!  Apologies for the prolonged absence, however I have been working on my youtube channel and editing videos which took me a rather looong time!  Hopefully I will get better now that I know what I'm doing!

I did take a picture of what I wore on Saturday night... however I can't fnd it. I think I may have put it on my laptop, which I rarely use, and so will try to post it tomorrow!  I didn't do much anyway, just a few drinks with friends, and filming, waaah!

In the meantime, here is today's work outfit:


Blazer - Tesco, Shirt - New Look, Dress - Peacocks

You can't really tell that the pinstripe of the dress is pink when worn with black, which is a bit strange! Perhaps it's like an optical illusion.

Apart from that, I am very nervous happy to present - my youtube video for my favourite and least favourite products from March!  I hope you all like it.  I will be doing a blog post about them too, for those of you who aren't in to youtube.  I also have another video on my channel about how I style my hair in curls, if you are interested in that sort of thing!

You can go to my channel by clicking ! :D 

I would just like to say THANK YOU everyone for following me, it really is a huge confidence boost - I never thought this blog would take off at all, never mind gathering up the balls courage to make youtube videos.  I am still so anxious about it, because probably no one will watch them, but I am glad that I have tried. It is a great feeling and I am so happy that I have stuck with it.  Thank you all :)

Friday, 25 March 2011

Spending Ban... Update #2

Day 5 - Saturday 19th March 2011:

Day 5 was fairly easy.  I had a 2 hour driving lesson which was £40.  I didn't do anything that involved leaving the house after that so I didn't spend anything else :)

Day 6 - Sunday 20th March 2011:

Another day that didn't involve much activity (man I had a boring weekend) but I spent £1.60 on food!

Day 7 - Monday 21st March 2011:

On Monday I bought some things in Tesco for lunch which totalled £2.52.  I then got out of work early and had to go to the dentist.  A check-up, clean & polish and 2 X-Rays cost me £21.04 :(

Day 8 - Tuesday 22nd March 2011:

I spent about £5 on food this day.  I have realised that by going to Tesco on my lunch hour for food, which is the opposite direction to the town centre, I avoid the temptation of the clothes shops, plus I save money on lunch expenditure.  For example, the cheapest sandwich at the cafe I usually get food in is £2.60, but at Tesco I buy a pack of Ryvita or something that will last me a few days, plus fruit, so it works out much cheaper.

Day 9 - Wednesday 23rd March 2011:

My wages are usually in by Wednesday but not this week :( I spent £4.77 in Tesco in the morning on fruit and a multi-pack of granola bars.  On lunch break I went to the bank to deposit my wages and treated my self to a £2.29 sub of the day at Subway. I love Subway but it's too far away from work for me to use often.

Day 10 - Thursday 24th March 2011:

Wages are in!  At lunch time I bought some Superdrug nail polish remover at £1.39.  I also got 2 jars of Skin, Hair Nails supplements for £7 and 2 jars of evening primrose oil for £2.60 in Holland & Barrett 'penny sale' (buy one get the other for 1p).  I don't know if the supplements will work but I'm trying to stick with them and see!  I also got a sandwich this day for £2.60.  I gave my mum £20 housekeeping money, for which she was very grateful.  Still no sign of my Avon order :( I later bought the dreaded marshmallows for 89p (never again).

Day 11 - Friday 25th March 2011:

Today I spent £2.52 in Tesco on Snack-a-Jacks, hummous and a banana. 
(caramel Snack-a-Jack + peanut butter + banana - DO IT! And caramel Snack-a-Jack + vanilla ice cream + strawberry sauce too!).  I got a lift to work with my friend's mum, who usually gives me a lift at least once a week, and I tried to give her £20 petrol money... only to have my hand slapped away, and be told "Don't be silly! Go spend it on booze or something!" lol but I will try and spend it wisely!


This week has been ok as I haven't had too much temptation.  Walking around Superdrug was quite hard but I just got in and out as quickly as possible to lessen the pain!  I really am realising though how much I spend on food, especially when I'm at work - £22.19 in total since Saturday! Wow.  Including the driving lesson, dentist and money to mum it totals £103.23... thank God I hopefully won't see the dentist again til September!  The driving lessons are so expensive , and I now have to up them to every week as my instructor wants me to get my test before they add a new element in June - eek.  So rather than save I think that all my extra cash will go towards driving for now. Oh fun.  That's one thing
Charli doesn't have to worry about!  Don't forget to see how she's getting on too!

Friday & Awards

I am so glad it's Friday; it's been a looong week!

Last night I ate some marshmallows (as I'm off chocolate and sweets for Lent) and today my stomach is totally inflated - marshmallow baby.  Maybe I'll give birth to something like that thing in Ghostbusters.

Here is today's work outfit - white shirt and Peacocks dress.  Apologies for the bad photos, but I could not get any decent ones, and my camera kept falling on to the floor so I was scared of ruining it further!  Ignore the marshmallow pregnancy tummy too...


The lovely Char from T*Rexes And Tiaras tagged me for the Leibster Blog award - thank you so much Char! 

It's an award for small-scale blogs of under 300 followers.  I have to pick 3 blogs to tag this award to!  So I pick:

*Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk - her outfit posts are great and her food posts always make me hungry!
* The elusive White Rabbit from White Rabbit NI - Her posts make me LOL.
* All the ladies from Where Are My Knees? - keep up the fantastic work! :)

I also was tagged for a Kreativ Blogger Award by Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk and Deb from Making Life More Beautiful - thanks so much!

Rules:  (1) Link 10 blogs    2) Tell these bloggers about the award    (3) Write 10 facts about yourself.

10 facts about me:
  1. My full name (excluding surname) is Lauren Sara Jude. Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases. So suits me perfectly really!
  2. I have a phobia of big fish, whales and sharks. Small fish I don't mind, but anything that's too big for a tank is creepy. Remember that omega3 advert on tv with the huge fish that swims through the air?! I had to change the channel!!
  3. I am deathly allergic to fish. (I don't think my phobia relates to this!) The only fish I ever eat, because I know I can safely, is tuna and mackerel. Cod or other white fish makes my throat close over, I get crippling chest pains and struggle to breathe. I should probably have an epi-pen but the doctors never thought it necessary.
  4. I worked in the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery on and off for 4 years as a tour guide, receptionist and shop assistant and so know more about whiskey than any 23 year old woman ever should.
  5. Referring to myself as a woman still seems very odd. I'm about 14 in my head.
  6. I have a large scar on my left knee from splitting it and getting 7 stitches. I was drunk of course.
  7. I did GCSE Spanish inside a year, studying it after school 2 days a week, and got a B. I can remember about 3 words now.
  8. I love animals and would love to work in a zoo. As long as I didn't have to work with fish.
  9. I went to Amsterdam when I was 19... It was 3 days jam-packed with eye-opening experiences!!
  10. I hate my huge clown feet, and I can move my second toes independently from all the rest.
And the 10 bloggers I tag are:

* Charli from Charli Dot Dot Dot - Spending Ban buddy!  She has an enviable cosmetics collection and a new wee man in her life ;)
* Danni from Danni The Girl - She has beautiful vintage dresses and charity finds.
* Deb from Making Life More Beautiful - Her blog is beautiful and she has some really inspiring posts.
* Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream - I love reading her posts. Clothes + baking  = Yes!
* Sarah from A Million Dresses - Her dress and nail varnish collection is amazing.
* Laura from Fitz n Bitz - She is one hard working lady!  Her youtube vids are fab too.
* Char from T*Rexes And Tiaras - I want everything in her wardrobe!
* Vicki from Magpie Girl - Stunning outfits and photography from a fellow NI lady.
* Julie from Musings of A Makeup Maniac - Informative makeup reviews and videos.
* Susy from Susy Q - A lovely lady with interesting posts that I love to read.

Wow that was hard to choose just 10 as there are so many blogs that I love reading!  *phew!*  Happy Friday everyone!  There'll be a spending ban update at 3.30 today!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Reviving Old Favourites

Hello!  I am wearing a slightly more casual outfit in work today.  I just had to get the new chinos on again :) Excuse the no makeup in the OOTD shots!

Chinos & T-shirt - Peacocks
Cardigan - present from Poland, Shoes - USC
I love these trousers SO much! They are really comfy and (I hope) flattering, plus can be easily dressed up or down.  I must admit, I really struggled with what to wear the chinos with for work though... I tried them on with a white shirt and a brown jacket but I looked like I was about to go horseriding.  I think it would look better with a rust or plum coloured cardigan, as I think the grey didn't really work with the shoes.  It made me realise that a have a distinct lack of cardigans :( I can't buy any until after my spending ban so I will keep lacking them for now! 

I got these Replay shoes in USC when I lived in Leicester!  So that was a long time ago - it must have been 2008 January sales.  They were on sale for £35 I think.  Considering that Replay shoes are usually around the £80 mark these were a bargain.  However I never get to wear them because the colour doesn't go with any of my clothes; I think I only wore them once before, so this is their second outing!  They're rubbing my feet a bit which is annoying, so I must break them in.

After more inspiration from Do Not Refreeze I painted these cute flowers on my nails last night.  The base is BarryM in 'Mushroom', and the flowers are BarryM 'Boots limited edition' and BarryM 'Coral'.  The centre of the flowers is Rimmel Lasting Finish in 'Sunshine'.  It would look better with more flowers but as my nails are so short I thought I best stick with 2 flowers per nail!  I did the dots with the end of a hair grip.

Finally I will do a FOTD as I haven't done one in a while:

Foundation:  Bourjois Healthy Mix - No. 52 Vanilla
Concealer:  Avon Invisible Light - Light
Blush:  MeMeMe - Pussycat Cheek Tint

Eyeshadow:  S-he stylezone trio (part of giveawy win from Joanna)
Mascara:  Maybelline The Colossal - Black

Lipstick:  NARS Satin Finish  - Honolulu Honey

That's all for today.  Work is quite busy and slightly stressful so far - wish me luck... Also, I am thinking about doing a 'monthly favourites' sort of post and was wondering if I should also attempt a video for it?  All opinions appreciated! :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Slowest. Week. Ever.

I don't have much to say today, which is unusual!  I don't think I'm properly awake yet.  I can't believe that it's only Wednesday; this week is going really slowly!  I can't wait to get home to my bed, which is rather tragic!

I have plenty to do in work so it will definitely be a long day...

Suit - Next, Top - Topshop (was once a dress)
I hope you're all having a good day and enjoying the lovely sunny weather.  Or perhaps you're cooped up inside, in which case, welcome to my club!! :(

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Le Dentiste


Yesterday I got out of work early to go to a dentist appointment.  It was great to get out 2 hours early!  Obviously I'm not a huge fan of the dentist, but I'm not scared of going.  I had braces when I was younger so I think that after visiting an orthodontist for years, the dentist is easy!  Plus I had an awful time last summer with my partially erupted wisdom teeth causing infections every few bloody weeks and was in the dentist's chair every time.  In the end I had to get one removed, and pay £105 for the pleasure.  A routine check-up is wee buns in comparison! ("wee buns" = NI slang for "really easy")

He is a nice guy, chatted to me (but not when looking in my mouth thankfully; I hate when they do that) told me that my teeth were fine, and then cleaned them.  Really, I could have told him that information and saved myself £20, but anyway...  Also he had to take X-Rays of my teeth as somehow they hadn't taken any in 5 years!  That bit of plastic they make you bite on hurts - how anyone's mouth is big enough to accommodate that comfortably is beyond me.

But aside from that I certainly appreciated my short day!  Here was yesterday's work outfit:

Blouse - M&S via Charity shop, Dress - Primark

I also attempted another nail art design that I saw on Leanne's site - click here.

I always find it funny how rubbish my right hand is compared to the left!  I used 2 BarryM nail paints - Dusky Mauve and Boots Limited Edition polish (can't remember the number).  As I didn't have any rhinestones left, I used a dot of China Glaze 'Cheers to You' for the middle of the flowers.

Shirt - New Look, Dress- Tesco, Tights & Necklace - Primark
Not a very exciting outfit today.  Just black brightened up with this necklace I got in the Oxford Primark about 2 years ago!  I won't be up to much apart from work today.  I tried to talk my boyfriend into going to the cinema later as it's Crazy Tuesday and all tickets are £3, but he has hurling training.  Bah!

Have a good day everyone!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Already?!

Back to work, bah!  I'm really not feeling great today, and I have the dentist at 4pm, but at least that gets me out of work early!

Here's some photos of my weekend...


Post fake-tanning:

Blazer - Next, Top - Peacocks, Skirt - Internacionale, Boots - Primark
I saw a fantastic nail art tutorial on Do Not Refreeze (click here) that I wanted to copy, so I tried to do it from memory on Friday.  I just used the nail varnish I was already wearing as a base (BarryM no.39, a limited edition Boots one) and played around.  I was quite pleased with the result, although it is rather shaky!  About ten minutes after I applied a topcoat, I had to go to my dad's house to clean out their guinea pigs, and my nails were ruined! :(


I had a driving lesson at noon.  I went for something a bit different and dug out this Peacocks dress that I have actually only worn once before, in September!  It's sort of, er, indecently short on me, so I wore tights.  Not great for a breezy day!

I also attempted the nail art again!  I used BarryM Dusky Mauve this time, just like the tutorial, however I think I preferred the brighter pinky-purple.  Maybe it's because my nails are so short, but the Dusky Mauve always looks more grey than purple on me.  Leanne's photos are much better than mine, of course!  I also did a lot of improvising - I don't have a white nail varnish, so I used a Claire's one I found in mum's room, and I used a cheap liquid eyeliner for the details.  They did get noticed by the checkout girl in Spar!

On Saturday my ASOS items that I'd ordered with my Groupon voucher arrived.  I'd ordered NARS Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey and a mouse ring in medium.  I'm slightly disappointed with the ring as it only fits my 'ring' fingers and is a bit loose.  Not sure whether to keep it and get a ring clip or change it for a large one and hope it fits.  The NARS lipstick is lovely.  The website describes Honolulu Honey as a "flesh toned biege", however I think that it is more peachy than 'flesh toned'.  I love nude lip colours and so was I hoping for my 'perfect' nude lipstick - this isn't quite it but I still love it!  It's not drying either and lasts a long time.  You can find it HERE.
With flash

No flash

With clear gloss on top

On Sunday I didn't do anything of note, just slapped on more fake tan and had a relaxing day!  I think I'll try and keep my tan topped up from now on as I really do look dreadful without it!

Hope Monday doesn't hurt too much, ladies! x