Tuesday, 15 March 2011

30 Day Spending Ban

Well, who would have thought it?!

I saw yesterday that Charli had done a Spending Ban post on her blog, and I thought "I really should do that too".  Charli then suggested that we could do it together, so that we can post regular updates on our progress, and help each other out if our wills are weak!

So here's my story... Since I started my job (my first proper full-time job in which I don't get paid an hourly minimum-wage rate) at the end of September, I have really enjoyed my new-found freedom to spend.  Until then I had always been very careful with what little wages I made, as my post-graduate loan repayments come out of my bank account every month.  However when I got my job, I was able to put aside savings for my loan repayments, plus have plenty of cash left over to play with... and play I did!  The number of shoes I have bought since September is ridiculous, not to mention clothes and makeup.  As Charli said, hopefully I can learn to use what I have, rediscover items that have been lost in my makeup box and clothes that I have never worn or only worn once! 

It is my birthday in mid-April, and considering that I'll get some money and presents for it, I really have no excuse to buy anything new between now and then.  So, here are...

My Rules - 30 Day Ban:
  • Spending stops now!  For the next 30 days, I will not spend money on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, makeup or cosmetics etc.
There are exceptions to this and these will be:
  1. Food when I am out, although I will try and take food with me, etc.;
  2. Housekeeping Money - When I can afford it I usually give my mum a few quid as she pays for all the household food, bills etc.  Infact, there will be no reason why I can't give her at least £10 a week now.
  3. If I run out of anything essential and I cannot find a suitable replacement within products I already have, e.g.: Hairspray - I just ran out of it and have no more in the house - I would have bought it yesterday except I literally have no more money until my wages come in.
  4. If I am using a voucher to spend - in my case I have a £25 voucher and £11 store credit for River Island.  So if it's not from River Island, I can't get it!
  5. Driving Lessons (imagine me telling my instructor why I'm cancelling my next few lessons..!)
  6. Avon Order - I am seriously not trying to cheat, though this sounds like it!  I placed an order a few weeks ago and I think the Avon lady may be calling round with it this Thursday and expecting payment.  Obviously I will not place another order!
  7. Anything I have seen that I have wanted to get that it will disappear from the face of the earth whilst I'm on the ban.
  8. Presents - It is Mother's Day on 3rd April and so I will buy my mum something.  This also includes Birthday presents for others. 
  9. Charity Donations
Ban will end on WEDNESDAY 13TH APRIL 2011 

Obviously,  I am a day behind Charli, so she will be free to spend money a day before me!  It will be interesting to see how much money I save over the 30 days - for me this will include 5 pay days!!  I don't even want to estimate how much I could save, as it may lead to disappointment if I don't achieve it.  However, my boyfriend and I have been talking about booking a holiday soon, and I had worried about saving for it, so this will be my incentive! 


I have come down with a rotten cold, so it looks like I may end up spending my money on tablets and medicine, typical!  Let's hope it buggers off soon!

Wish us luck!...


dinoprincesschar said...

good luck with the challenge - really ought to do this too! :)

Ash said...

GOOD LUCK!! i did this for frugal feb, it really worked, ive re-used so much and i'm trying to stretch it out for another month, it actually became pretty easy after the first 2 weeks.
Thanks for your comment on my post, whereabouts in NI are you from??

dannithegirl said...

I did it last month and it went quite well, the feeling of having money left at the end of the month was great! I fell back into my bad ways this month though so I'm going to do it again in April. Good luck! xx

daisychain said...

Best of luck!

Sophie - Country girl said...

Good luck Lauren! I abstained from spending during my 30x30 and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was more a case of remembering not to shop. I was frightened to browse in case I was too tempted.

Courtney said...

Wishing you the best of luck sweet! xx