Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bling Bling

Afternoon folks :)

A quick OOTD post for you.  I'm wearing 2 items that I rarely wear.  Beginning to wonder if I should get rid or just make more use of them?

Body Top - Ebay, Skirt - Matalan, Cardigan & Belt - Peacocks
I got both this cardigan and belt in Peacocks in Oxford two years ago, yet I rarely wear them!  I get more use out of the cardigan at the minute for work but even that isn't much.  It sits a bit funny if you don't have it buttoned, and I don't like it buttoned so it just hangs forward a lot.  I wore it a few times coming up to Christmas because it's glittery and a bit festive!  Purple is one of my favourite colours, and I thought this butterfly waist belt was really cute at the time, however I think I've outgrown it a bit.  Purple, sadly, isn't a great colour for me to wear, so I don't own many items of clothing that I can wear purple items with.  However I thought it made a nice change and the belt injected a slice of colour to an otherwise drab work ensemble!

The above necklace and bracelet I got in my favourite local jewellery shop, Connie's Crafts.  They really do lots of beautiful pieces, and I got the necklace at Christmas time.  A present to myself!

I haven't been doing anything with my nails the last few days, except use clear varnish.  My nails have always been a pain for me.  They just refuse to grow to a nice lady-like length :(  they are always short, and when they start to grow they flake, peel, break, catch on things... anything that can damage nails, will happen to me.  Last week I noticed that they were getting really bad with breaking and peeling so I'm trying to give them a break.  If you know of any nail hardeners that actually work, please let me know!  I've tried lots but to be honest, most don't make a scrap of difference!!  I'd love long nails that I can do french manicures on, and can do coloured tips etc.  Maybe one day...

I am absolutely loving Lady Gaga' new song, Born This Way. 

I've been a fan of her music since "Just Dance" and I like most of her songs, and the new one just makes me want to sing along and dance!  (I cannot sing my way out of a paper bag though, shame.)  The video is eff'ed up like,  but that's Gaga for you.  I may do a "Gaga through the ages" post soon (for "ages" read "last 2 years" lol) as it's quite interesting to see how increasingly bonkers she has become.  To quote my Scottish grandfather, "Her heid's fulla sweetie mice!".

Have a good day everyone xx


Fashion Fabrice said...

hi there darling:) I like your outfit! the accesories are so gorgeous! i really like your bracelet:) plus i'm also a fan of lady gaga=)! We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way! Come and take a look and join to win :)


FitznBitz said...

I'm the same with my nails - god dam things!! Well mine grow no bother but are very wek and bendy. If u find something INFORM ME!!

dinoprincesschar said...

i have weak nails as well, i think it's becuase i don't have enough (any) calcium intake..? but i haven;t found any strengtherners which actually seem to work.
i like the cardigan, but not too keen on big butterfly belts for some reason..

daisychain said...

AMAZING jewellery x

Melanie said...

Loving the jewels x

Sophie said...

pretty accessories. your nails always look so well kept I wouldn't guess you struggle with them. I'm a big fan of moving on from items I don't much like. If I get rid of it on ebay or charity I know someone else can have a go with them and I can replace them with something I do want.