Thursday, 10 March 2011

If You Find My Marbles, Please Return Them...

Hi everyone!

I bought my beautiful new pink camera yesterday, and then I forgot to bring it with me today, duh!  So I thought I would do a video post instead.  Laura at FitzNBitz did one recently, and I always enjoy watching other people's hauls and video reviews etc, so I momentarily lost my mind and filmed one.

Pre-viewing Disclaimer:
Please excuse the following:
1)  The awful, unflattering camera angle (I had my BlackBerry balanced against my computer screen)
2)  The bad quality and sound (as I filmed with my BB - you may need headphones)
3)  My constant movement in my swirly chair
4)  My daft facial expressions
5)  My daft accent (us NI people shouldn't be allowed to be filmed)

Well, that's about all I can apolgise for!

Things I have realised from my video:
1)  I blink so much!
2)  I sound exactly like my brother... oh dear.

Also, if you can, please go to at 3pm and listen to my friend Therese's hour slot!  She's from the same town as me, but you wouldn't think it with the Scottish twang she's picked up!!

Well, here ye go. *AGGRH* *dies of embarrassment*


Jane said...

LOL at the weather answer. northern ireland = grim. awh i loved this video :) i think i'll have a strong drink before i ever do one haha xo

dannithegirl said...

Aww bless you, I think you come across well. I'm with you on the granny thing!! xx

ellieand said...

You needn;t have been embarassed at ALL! The question and answer format was a fab idea, it was great to learn lots about you :) x

Sophie said...

Great vlog! Nothing to be embarassed about! I'm a granny too :s. You should visit Wales though, I love to holiday there, its lovely. You are so well travelled - jealous! I adore your accent :D

FitznBitz said...

Yay! Glad u done this! Nice for a little change on your blog. Pity it's so choppy though!! Thakfully you have your spang new camera now...maybe you could use it for your NEXT one!! HeeHee!! Well done on your first vid!
Laura xo

ps thanks for the mention ;)