Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bye Bye, March!

Can someone please explain to me how on earth March is over already!? Help! This means it is only 18 days to my birthday, and I don't want to get any older, thank you very much!

I have kept up with my walking again last night (plus a wee bit of running) and my inner thighs are tight as <insert distasteful simile here>.  I have agreed to go walkies with a friend and her doggy this evening.  I will be walking like a robot!

Anywho, I have recovered my OOTD from the weekend!  Plus some shots of my makeup.  I used my 120 Pro Palette silvers and blacks to do a metallic smokey eye, which I haven't tried for a long time, and as you can see I was a bit heavy handed with the black :/ oopsie!

Chinos & Blouse - Peacocks, Shoes - Penneys (i.e. Primark in R.O.I.)

These shoes are so pretty, but impossible to walk in :(

So on to less exciting things, namely today's work outfit!

 Suit & Jumper - Next

I did these nails last night - can you guess where I got the inspration?! Maybe I should start paying Leanne royalties at this rate!  However I love her nail designs, and they are still easy enough for beginners like me to have a bash at.  Practice makes perfect and I love trying the different looks!  I actually did my colours inverted compared to hers, bascially as I forgot which colour she had used as the base and which for the accent nail!  I used China Glaze Midnight Kisses gold and Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Siren.

My little sister always loves the designs and wants me to do them on her nails, however attempting this on a 7 year old's tiny nails wouldn't work at all.  I always feel so bad that I can't do them for her :(

I cannot wait until 5pm tomorrow, I am so tired this week.  I think the time changing has buggered up my body clock more than I realised!  However, on a lighter note, I discovered today that Francine Pascal, athor of the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books that I loved as a pre-teen, has done a "ten years on" book - Sweet Valley Confidential! I have seen on Twitter that I am not the ony person mega excited about this!  I loved the books when I was younger and so this is a must-read for me!  It is released on 14th April here in the UK so I think I will ask for it as a birthday present.  Did anyone else read them too?!  Who was your favourite character?  I always wanted to be Jessica!


Charli said...

A new sweet valley book :O :O WHAT!!!!!!!!!
OMG I NEED THAT BOOK!!!! :O!!!!!!!
I wanted to have a twin soo badly!
On another note I love that shirt!

dinoprincesschar said...

i've been researching the SVH books all morning since you mentioned them! i think i have definitely read a lot of them, tho sis and i actually only owned 6 between us!
well done for finding some lovely chinos and the shoes are gorgeous! :)

Susy said...

The chinos look great :D and well done on the eyes, I don't think I'll ever master it.

I don't think I ever read the SVH books, I did watch the TV show and love it, am I too old for the books now!? x

dannithegirl said...

I always wanted to be Elizabeth cos she was a bookworm (and Jessica seemed a bit of a bitch haha!)

Can't wait to get it!


daisychain said...

Argh, yes, how on earth is March over?

Sophie - Country girl said...

I was a SV addict and absolutely loved all the books. I must have read most of them. I have to say I'll have to get the new book, perhaps for closure. I always saw myself as Elizabeth, not that I wanted to.
Adore your Saturday's look, you look beautiful! Why is it that pretty shoes are so hard to walk in...? Such a shame.
Fab nails too!