Monday, 14 March 2011


Hi everyone!

I do apologise for my absence over the weekend.  Perhaps I should explain that I tend to do all my computer-based activites during the week, on my work computer on my breaks, and so when I am at home, I generally don't use the internet much.  Also, our home computer lives in my brother's room, which is a converted garage, and so to use it you have to exit the house and it isn't exactly handy.  Thus, I tend to avoid it.

Q)  Who buys a new camera, then leaves it in work all weekend?

A)  Me

Yea, so I was stuck using my old camera!!   Then pancaked in case I couldn't retrieve my photos.... thankfully, the computer picked up the camera this time so I got them all.  I'm an awful eejit.  This will be a photo heavy post so be prepared...


On Friday evening I created much mess by doing some water marbling on my nails!  It was very time consuming and fiddly, but I like arty stuff and found it enjoyable.  I would definitely try it again when I have time, as practice is definitely necessary!  Here's how it turned out.  I chose to use two China Glaze colours, Little Drumer Boy and Midnight Kiss:

Left Hand with flash

Left Hand without flash

Right Hand with flash (spot the 2 nails that went wrong!)

Right Hand without flash


The first thing I was greeted with on Saturday was my giveaway win from the lovely Joanna, at The Makeup Goddess Guru!  The prize was an Estee Lauder mascara, and she also added in a few fantastic extras!  Thank you so much Joanna!

Card,  Chocolate, 2 eyeshadow sets, pink grafitti nail varnish, Cherry Cola lipsmacker and Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
Of course I couldn't wait to try out the nail grafitti over some black nail polish.  I love all the items!

The afternoon involved a trip to Ballymena; hometown of Liam Neeson, and location of my nearest Primark.  I finally got there!  My bf was so good about it too, he carried the basket for me and did almost no complaining!  Which was tough for him, I know! 

Sadly, Saturdays are madness, of course, in shopping centres, and Primark was a disaster area.  The clothes were all mixed up, nothing was hanging in the right place, the only sizes left in most items were 8, 18 and 20, and the staff obviously couldn't restock quickly enough.  This wasn't very helpful for me.  I saw a lovely jumper I really wanted but I wasn't prepared to buy a size 20!  I tried on two floral skirts; one was a "lantern" shape and let's just say, it lived up to it's name.  I truly looked like a wee fat lantern in it.  The other skirt was a tad tight in size 12 but there was no size 14s left.  I tried on a dress that was quite nice, but I was realistic and thought "I really have no where I could wear this too, therefore I don't need it" and so I didn't get it.  In the end I bought a lovely dress for work, and matching jacket (however the 14 in the jacket is too baggy so I need to somehow get back soon and exchange it, agh!), a pair of boots (as I didn't have these style of boots) plus some accessories:

Grey cuff - £2.50, Gold Tassel Bracelet - £2.50, Mini Cameo Necklace - £1.50, Purse - £2 Tights - £2 each
Boots - were £18, reduced to £10 

Dress - £10
Blazer - £10

I thought the lining of the dress and the blazer are also really nice.  It's a bit sad that all I managed to get was work clothes, but at least I know I will gets lots of use out of them!  All of the above totalled £42.50, which wasn't bad at all.

I then had a quick look in Boots; BarryM nail paints were '2 for £5' so I got Mushroom and Black (as I didn't have any black nail varnish!  The shot above with the pink crackle varnish was using my new BarryM Black).  As we were leaving my boyfriend wanted to buy a bottle of water, and by chance we were walking past Superdrug, so I suggested he just buy one there.  By the front door there was a "Last Chance To Buy" stand, and I glanced at it... I had to refrain from squealing like a child and sprinting to the till, as there was GOSH Holographic, on the table, half price!  I have been coveting this nail varnish since January, and the Superdrug nearest to me never had any, probably as it had run out.  I even had mum looking in Nottingham last week without success, and so I had basically given up on it. To then find it staring at me was a shock!  There were only 2 bottles left and I was going to buy both, but one must have been opened and someone had put cellotape around the lid to seal it, so it looked awful.  It would have been a nice addition to my giveaway, but I couldn't send that to someone :/

GOSH Holographic - £2.49, BarryM Nails Paints - £5
With flash
Without flash

As many other bloggers have mentioned, the GOSH nail varnish needs at least 3 coats to be totally opaque, some nails needed 4.  It does chip SO easily, however I find it simple to do a quick touch-up.  It is really stunning and changes colour depending on the lighting.  I was so happy to track it down :)

I am not going to also bombard you with OOTD photos, as this post is already so long.  I will post them tomorrow hopefully!  I hope you all had a great weekend, and also hope that Monday isn't too painful so far :)  Don't forget that you can still enter my giveaway by clicking here!  There's only 7 entries so far, so there's a high chance of winning! :)


dinoprincesschar said...

love the shape of that work dress, and all your nailk pictures are lovely! that pink graffiti stuff looks rather good..

Susy said...

Oh My God. I need some of the GOSH nail varnish, that is uber shiny & just awesome.

Great find on the boots too, they're really nice :) xx

Charli said...

Loved the marble nails, came out better than mine!!
Love the boots too...*eyes them up*...

dannithegirl said...

That dress is very nice! Not a big nail varnish fan but that GOSH one is gorgeous!

Ps - 'Then pancaked in case I couldn't retrieve my photos' I'm guessing pancaked was there by mistake but that made me lol at work!!


Karen said...

Oh how I love hauls :) and even better, surprises like the Gosh Holographic being half price! hehehe

Anonymous said...

I really love the first nail design honestly don't notice the two nails that went wrong!

Sophie - Country girl said...

love all your nail shots, especially the marbled look. The boots are great, especially for a tenner! Great Primark haul, but I hate fighting the crowds around a shop. Primark can end up looking like a jumble sale!

Sara said...

Oh I love the GOSH holographic - best nail varnish ever! Super easy to remove and when it chips you can fill it in without any obvious joins! Some brill bargains too xx