Friday, 18 March 2011

Comic Relief Friday!

Hi everyone!  Also big hello to my new followers :D

I can't believe that it's Friday already.  Having a day off work yesterday has confused my brain slightly, I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday, but thankfully it wasn't and I still have the weekend to look forward to!

As I'm sure you all know, today is Comic Relief, and I joined in the "Wear It Red" movement as best I could for work!  I literally don't own any red items of clothing, as I don't think it suits me.  So I added in some red with shoes and jewellery.  Perhaps it's too late to change into something red now, but you can still donate by clicking on the logo.



On Wednesday during my lunch break, I called into Peacocks and tried on a pair of chinos which had caught my eye.  I was wondering if they were my perfect pair... they were ;) and so my mum kindly bought them for me as an early birthday present, due to my Spending Ban!  These were only £18 - bargain!  I feared chinos just made me look bottom heavy but I am so pleased with these, I think they're very flattering.


Thursday - St. Patrick's Day:
Yesterday I went out for lunch with my boyfriend, and then he kindly took me to "The Dark Hedges" so that I could take some snaps with my new camera.  They are some very old trees that line a country road.  There are often lots of people there trying to get some photos!  You can see that I added a new page tab above - "The Gallery", please have a look and perhaps join in!  I put some of my tree photos there, however here's my OOTD shot, plus a badly timed photo of me doing a cartwheel:

We also visited Bonamargy Friary, which is in the town where I live.  It's an old Franciscan Friary and a really interesting place to look around.  It's right in the middle of the golf course so there's always the chance of head injury.  (Spot the golf bags below haha!)

My St. Paddy's Day nails! Had to take it off for work today though!
It was the first St. Paddy's Day that I was totally sober throughout, as I am a granny now, but I must say I was glad!  The drunk people stumbling through the streets of my hometown last night was disgraceful!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!



Hazel said...

Thank you so much for taking part in #wearitred

dinoprincesschar said...

haha i love the nail polish and the pic of you doing a cartwheel :)
i haven't yet seen any chinos which take my fancy, but figure that;s ok as i have soooo much else on my wishlist!

Imogen said...

I would like it if we got more into the red wearing red where I live. Apart from it being good to support I have heaps of red clothes. I think you did well under the constraints of work and I love your red flats.

Sophie - Country girl said...

I'm after some chinos, yours look so great on you! Your outfit shots are fab. Adore your special nails:)

Beauty shades said...

Pretty manicure. Love the colour combo :)