Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday & Awards

I am so glad it's Friday; it's been a looong week!

Last night I ate some marshmallows (as I'm off chocolate and sweets for Lent) and today my stomach is totally inflated - marshmallow baby.  Maybe I'll give birth to something like that thing in Ghostbusters.

Here is today's work outfit - white shirt and Peacocks dress.  Apologies for the bad photos, but I could not get any decent ones, and my camera kept falling on to the floor so I was scared of ruining it further!  Ignore the marshmallow pregnancy tummy too...


The lovely Char from T*Rexes And Tiaras tagged me for the Leibster Blog award - thank you so much Char! 

It's an award for small-scale blogs of under 300 followers.  I have to pick 3 blogs to tag this award to!  So I pick:

*Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk - her outfit posts are great and her food posts always make me hungry!
* The elusive White Rabbit from White Rabbit NI - Her posts make me LOL.
* All the ladies from Where Are My Knees? - keep up the fantastic work! :)

I also was tagged for a Kreativ Blogger Award by Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk and Deb from Making Life More Beautiful - thanks so much!

Rules:  (1) Link 10 blogs    2) Tell these bloggers about the award    (3) Write 10 facts about yourself.

10 facts about me:
  1. My full name (excluding surname) is Lauren Sara Jude. Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases. So suits me perfectly really!
  2. I have a phobia of big fish, whales and sharks. Small fish I don't mind, but anything that's too big for a tank is creepy. Remember that omega3 advert on tv with the huge fish that swims through the air?! I had to change the channel!!
  3. I am deathly allergic to fish. (I don't think my phobia relates to this!) The only fish I ever eat, because I know I can safely, is tuna and mackerel. Cod or other white fish makes my throat close over, I get crippling chest pains and struggle to breathe. I should probably have an epi-pen but the doctors never thought it necessary.
  4. I worked in the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery on and off for 4 years as a tour guide, receptionist and shop assistant and so know more about whiskey than any 23 year old woman ever should.
  5. Referring to myself as a woman still seems very odd. I'm about 14 in my head.
  6. I have a large scar on my left knee from splitting it and getting 7 stitches. I was drunk of course.
  7. I did GCSE Spanish inside a year, studying it after school 2 days a week, and got a B. I can remember about 3 words now.
  8. I love animals and would love to work in a zoo. As long as I didn't have to work with fish.
  9. I went to Amsterdam when I was 19... It was 3 days jam-packed with eye-opening experiences!!
  10. I hate my huge clown feet, and I can move my second toes independently from all the rest.
And the 10 bloggers I tag are:

* Charli from Charli Dot Dot Dot - Spending Ban buddy!  She has an enviable cosmetics collection and a new wee man in her life ;)
* Danni from Danni The Girl - She has beautiful vintage dresses and charity finds.
* Deb from Making Life More Beautiful - Her blog is beautiful and she has some really inspiring posts.
* Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream - I love reading her posts. Clothes + baking  = Yes!
* Sarah from A Million Dresses - Her dress and nail varnish collection is amazing.
* Laura from Fitz n Bitz - She is one hard working lady!  Her youtube vids are fab too.
* Char from T*Rexes And Tiaras - I want everything in her wardrobe!
* Vicki from Magpie Girl - Stunning outfits and photography from a fellow NI lady.
* Julie from Musings of A Makeup Maniac - Informative makeup reviews and videos.
* Susy from Susy Q - A lovely lady with interesting posts that I love to read.

Wow that was hard to choose just 10 as there are so many blogs that I love reading!  *phew!*  Happy Friday everyone!  There'll be a spending ban update at 3.30 today!


Sophie - Country girl said...

Omg thanks for tagging me, well excited :) .
I don't think I have any food allergies except maybe blueberries. Well done for giving up chocolate and sweets, I don't think I could handle both at the same time!

ellieand said...

pahahahaa, the ghostbusters thing literally made me giggle out loud. And as for the peanut biscotti - you could totally just eat them all yourself! x

FitznBitz said...

Thanks Lauren :)

dinoprincesschar said...

aw than you for the tag :) i will do this just as soon as i can think of ten things to share...
and you really couldn't be further from the ghostbuster monster man! :)

Susy said...

Aw thanks for the tag dear, I shall give this a go over the weekend, like you too many blogs to choose from :D xx

Ik said...

aww.. you have a lovely blog! :)
I'm a new follower. Check my blog out too?