Thursday, 3 March 2011

I am NOT speaking to Blogger

I just spent ages on a new post, with several photos and everything, it even included a bit of poetry (I kid you not)

Then I hit "Publish".... and it published two lines of it.  All of the rest, gone.  In oblivion.  In Lost Blog Post Oblivion, crying, wondering what its purpose was, and what it did to deserve to be banished.


Blogger is the reason for this pathetically short OOTD post.  I will try and recollect the other stuff for tomorrow.


Trousers & Jacket  - Next, Blouse - Ben de Lisi via Charity Shop


dinoprincesschar said...

love the colour of this blouse, it reminds me of cappuccino!
blogger always seems to ruin the posts you spend the longest on :(

daisychain said...

aw, blogger can be such a pain at times! love your outfit x

Sophie said...

I gave up writing posts on blogger and now use Windows Live Writer, its much easier dealing with my pictures. Your outfit is fab :)

Suzin S said...

I no blogger can be a pain in the ass sometimes :( Lovely outfit though hun!xx

Imogen said...

What a beautiful blouse. I understand about blogger, how incredibly annoying.