Monday, 7 March 2011

Lauren's 40 Followers Giveaway!

~* Giveaway! *~

I have decided to do a rather modest giveaway for reaching 40 followers.  I said before that I was unsure about doing one, as people might think that I am just doing it to gain more followers, which is not my reason.  I don't like people using giveaways as a means to entice people in to following their blogs, as I don't see the point?  The more people follow and enter, the more giveaways you have to host, plus how many of your followers are really interested in what you have to say?  The majority who follow purely so that they could enter the giveaway may never bother their backsides reading any of your posts!

I do enter giveaways for the craic, because you never know when your luck will come through.  I was recently lucky enough to win one for the first time, for which I am so grateful! (Thanks, Joanna! :D )

However I am doing this because I have fantastic followers who genuinely read my posts and, for some unknown reason, seem to be interested in what I have to say!  You leave lovely comments, provide good conversation and laughs on Twitter, and are basically a lovely bunch, so I want to say thank you :)

My money situation is not great at the minute, so it's just a few items I picked out.  Here they are:

China Glaze nail varnish, Earrings from my favourite jewellery shop, MUA eyeshadows and a packet of cinnamon lozenges!
I have a bottle of the China Glaze nail varnsih in "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" myself, which you can see photos of in this post.  It is a fantastic neon colour, and this was the last bottle of it left in my local Sallys, so I snapped it up for my giveaway!

The earrings are from my favourite jewellery shop, all their stuff is gorgeous and handmade.

These MUA pearl eyeshadows - shade 2 (white) and shade 10 (navy/purple shimmer) - are two of my favourites.  I also wanted to get a shade 12 but they had ran out!  So if they get them back in stock I'll add that in too! - UPDATE: Now have Shade 12 for it :)

(Swatched from the tester, not the one I bought!)
The final item might seem a bit strange, but apparently you can't get these outside Ireland, so I thought it could be a wee treat for someone! (Though if the winner is Irish, they won't be so interested!)  I know I never saw these in England during the 4 years I lived there anyway!  They're really tasty :) and check out that retro packaging!

This giveaway is open to Ireland and the UK only.  I hope this doesn't offend anyone :/

In the spirit of fairness, and to emphasise that this is not about gaining followers with the siren call of cinnamon sweeties, there will be one entry per person.  If you want to tweet about it, fair enough, and it would be most kind of you, but you don't have to!

The Rules:
1)  Be a follower of my blog;
2)  Leave a comment on this post asking to be entered;
3)  Put your email address or twitter username in your comment so that I can contact you if you win.

Easy peasy! :)

I really hope that you like what I've picked.  I just want to, again, say a massive thanks! to you all; I can't believe I even reached 3 followers, never mind 40, and I have "met" some lovely ladies, all through the power of blogging!

UPDATE:  Realised that I never put a closing date for this, duh!  Gonna keep it open for 10 days, so it will close on Thursday 17th March 2011 at 5pm! :)


Charli said...

I would like to consider myself as one who regularly reads and comments on your blog and when you posted that nail varnish before I have tried to hunt it down!
I'm glad I "met" you over here and on twitter aswel...WWE is all I have to say HAHA!!

ps enter me please :)

tinkerbelldani said...

hey! enter me please :)
danielle jordan terry ( tinkerbelldani )

lots of love xoxoxoxoxox

keep up the good work!!!! :) <3

daisychain said...

Oh please enter me, those cinnamon lozenges look amazing!



FitznBitz said...

Awh congrats on your 40 followers, i'm heading towards it too - exciting stuff!! Count me in for entering!! I'm sure u can find me on twitter!! FitznBitz of course!! Lovely little giveaway Lauren!

Sophie said...

oh well done on your 40 followers! You have such a great blog :)
Please enter me, I'm following and in the UK

Susy said...

Congrats on reaching 40 :D
I thought I would enter just 'cause I really do enjoy reading your blog and tweets.



dinoprincesschar said...

Congrats on the followers, I'm glad i stumbled across your blog!
Could i enter please?