Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lots of OOTD shots...

It is Wednesday 16th March which means that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I get a day off work, woohoo! :D This will literally be my first St. Paddy's day off since 2005 - that is a scary thought.  From 2006 - 2009 my St. Paddy's Days were spent in England while I was at Uni - no day off there! Last year I was working in Bushmills Distillery; Bushmills is not so much inclined towards St. Patrick, plus there were tourists to serve at the Distillery!  So it will be a nice change to be off for it again :) This is just a recap of OOTDs that I've not posted...


Last Wednesday was when my camera decied to be stubborn and not let me access my photos.  I got them in the end! 

Dress - Tesco, Top - Peacocks, Gilet -
Necklace - Connie's Crafts

Saturday evening:

I made use of my new boots!  I thought it was a bit weird at first that the zips were on the outside of the boot - aren't they usually on the inside? Oh well.  Apologies for the crap photo, unclean mirror and messy desk, I had no tripod.  I just wore them with skinny jeans and my nude embellished shoulder jumper from Peacocks.


Wearing my new work dress and jewellery from Primark.  I think that this dress is such a good buy for £10. I like the length too, as it isn't too short on me, which usually happens.  These photos were taken with the new camera, so you can tell the difference.  I realise that my hand looks daft here - I was emphasising the tassels on the bracelet!

Dress, Necklace & Bracelet - Primark, Shirt - George @ Asda


Nothing too exciting here, just my old faithful black skirt, plus lilac blouse.


I apologise for the fuzziness here, but my camera just would not take a shot in focus :( it's got a "smart-auto" function that's meant to focus the shot, but I think because I was using the self timer it didn't work.  Which makes no sense though as Monday and Tuesday's shots were fine? Hmm.  Also, I got these Primark tights on Saturday, they are the kind with a 'seam' line up the back of the leg - worst tights ever.  I had two ladders by 11am, plus they're static and my skirt is gripping to my legs like a second skin.  Waste of £2!


I did these nails last night.  To be honest, they were a total disaster and I am not looking forward to removing it!!  I did my nails with Avon Matte nail polish in Violetta... then decided I didn't want my nails to be matte, so I used NYC Purple Pizzaz over the top... then went mad and put my new IsaDora pink Grafitti Nail Top on it.  What can I say, I was bored!

I hope you didn't mind being bombarded with photos there!!  Might not get a post up tomorrow but I will try and take OOTD photo if I remember to take my bloody camera home!  Have a good St. Paddy's Day everyone, wherever you are! :)


Charli said...

I want those booots :(

*Zoe* said...

Those boots are really nice and I love the embellished jumper x

Hazel said...

Hello, I found you through Country Girl Does Norfolk. It would be great if you could join us in #Wear It Red on Friday... help us spread the word!

Love the top you wore on Saturday!

Imogen said...

I love your Monday outfit the most. I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow. Also thank you for the happy birthday message.

danniekate said...

i love that they do nail effects stuff in different colours than black, looks great! xx

oh so petite said...

oohh la la.. the nails look beautiful.

dinoprincesschar said...

i've never really done anything for st patrick's day..but i hope you have a lovely day off!
i love the lilac blouse, and the work dress is great..

daisychain said...

Holy wow, your nails! I also really, really love the first two outfits x

Hannah said...

Your nails look AMAZING!!! The top in Saturday's photo is my favourite, I love the bedazzled shoulders

Bow Dream Nation xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

love your outfit posts, that furry gilet is perfect, I'm trying to find something similar.

FitznBitz said...

That outfit with the boots is right up my street - love it. I have them boots in grey and lovem em! I like that they're a bit different and have the zip on the outside! I keep putting them on the wrong feet at first because of it though - haha!! :)