Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Already?!

Back to work, bah!  I'm really not feeling great today, and I have the dentist at 4pm, but at least that gets me out of work early!

Here's some photos of my weekend...


Post fake-tanning:

Blazer - Next, Top - Peacocks, Skirt - Internacionale, Boots - Primark
I saw a fantastic nail art tutorial on Do Not Refreeze (click here) that I wanted to copy, so I tried to do it from memory on Friday.  I just used the nail varnish I was already wearing as a base (BarryM no.39, a limited edition Boots one) and played around.  I was quite pleased with the result, although it is rather shaky!  About ten minutes after I applied a topcoat, I had to go to my dad's house to clean out their guinea pigs, and my nails were ruined! :(


I had a driving lesson at noon.  I went for something a bit different and dug out this Peacocks dress that I have actually only worn once before, in September!  It's sort of, er, indecently short on me, so I wore tights.  Not great for a breezy day!

I also attempted the nail art again!  I used BarryM Dusky Mauve this time, just like the tutorial, however I think I preferred the brighter pinky-purple.  Maybe it's because my nails are so short, but the Dusky Mauve always looks more grey than purple on me.  Leanne's photos are much better than mine, of course!  I also did a lot of improvising - I don't have a white nail varnish, so I used a Claire's one I found in mum's room, and I used a cheap liquid eyeliner for the details.  They did get noticed by the checkout girl in Spar!

On Saturday my ASOS items that I'd ordered with my Groupon voucher arrived.  I'd ordered NARS Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey and a mouse ring in medium.  I'm slightly disappointed with the ring as it only fits my 'ring' fingers and is a bit loose.  Not sure whether to keep it and get a ring clip or change it for a large one and hope it fits.  The NARS lipstick is lovely.  The website describes Honolulu Honey as a "flesh toned biege", however I think that it is more peachy than 'flesh toned'.  I love nude lip colours and so was I hoping for my 'perfect' nude lipstick - this isn't quite it but I still love it!  It's not drying either and lasts a long time.  You can find it HERE.
With flash

No flash

With clear gloss on top

On Sunday I didn't do anything of note, just slapped on more fake tan and had a relaxing day!  I think I'll try and keep my tan topped up from now on as I really do look dreadful without it!

Hope Monday doesn't hurt too much, ladies! x


dinoprincesschar said...

Well done on the nails, I think they look rly good!

fashioneggpplant said...

i love your nails! and your style, so cute! :)

daisychain said...

loving your nails!

Sophie - Country girl said...

love friday's skirt with those boots and saturday's dress, you look fab! You must have so much patience doing your nails, but its worth it, they look great!

Ash said...

love all your nails, look fab! xx

Miss Educator said...

The design with the dusky mauve underneath is excellent. Clearly I've been living under a rock because I never even considered using an eyeliner on my nails. Brill xx

Imogen said...

I love the black dress you wore on Saturday. I have been looking for the perfect black dress for awhile now and I'd like to have one similar to that.