Friday, 18 March 2011

Spending Ban... Update #1

Day 1 - Tuesday 15th March 2011:

I was literally almost penniless from last week's wages, so didn't have much cash to spare anyway!  On my lunch hour I went to the bank to deposit my wage cheque, and on the way walked passed Peacocks, where I saw a pair of chinos on the rail right by the window - typical!  I had been wanting a pair for several weeks, and was keen to go in for a closer look, however I resisted!  I spent about £4 on fruit, lunch, cold medicine and a stamp.  Mum later said if I liked the chinos she would get them for me as an early birthday present :)

Day 2 -  Wednesday 16th March 2011:

My wages are through!  I kept my usual loan repayment savings in my main account and transferred what I normally consider my "weekly spending money" to my other account.  I spent less than £2 on lunch.  I got the chinos, which mum is reimbursing me for :)  I went to Boots to buy my essential hairspray, as I had none left.  My favourite Schwarzkopf Got2B hairspray was half price, only £2.03 instead of £4.07, and so I bought 2 so that I had plenty of stock!

In the evening I went out for dinner and drinks with friends, as I wasn't able to drink on St. Patrick's Day due to work on Friday.  I paid about £14 for dinner, then £4 towards wine.  I felt bad spending money on dinner but to be fair, I would have spent way more had I been joining in the usual St. Paddy's drinking festivities!  i also saw a great Groupon deal for Belfast - a wash, haircut, finish, massage and scalp treatment for £22.50 instead of £76!  After consulting with Charli I bought a voucher for myself and one for mum (again, she is reimbursing me).  This was an offer that I wouldn't have been able to use after the ban, so was within the "exception" rules.  Plus I do need a haircut.

Day 3 - Thursday 17th March 2011:

A.k.a: St. Patrick's Day.  Usually an alcohol-fuelled day of partying.  Not for me though.  I went out for lunch with my boyfriend (I'm a fatty, I know!) as he had been unable to join us for dinner the previous evening due to playing a hurling match.  He paid for most of it, so I contributed just £3.  We then went to the Dark Hedges and Bonamargy Friary and had a really lovely afternoon out that cost nothing, which was great.  In the evening I had to buy my dinner, as mum had went out for hers!  I spent £3.50 on that.

Day 4 - Friday 18th March 2011:

So far today I spent about £3 on breakfast and lunch, and £2.12 on posting my giveaway items to Laura.  I may have to get the bus home later this evening, as I seem to be the only eejit working today and all my usual lifts home are off! The bus costs £6 (total rip-off) and it pains me to pay that, but it is unavoidable.


All my spending has been on food, really!  It doesn't seem like much per day, but added up, all the money mentioned above equals around £70, which is terrifying!  I will definitely be cutting down on the eating out though, which was the main problem on Wednesday, however that was because of the bank holiday and is certainly not a usual occurance.  Apart from the crazy food expenditure, I have found it easy so far.

I haven't had freebies coming through my postbox, like lucky Charli has!  Nonetheless I haven't found it too bad, and as I said, I felt guilty blowing so much money on dinner etc., when I shouldn't be spending.  I do have a lot more left in the bank than I usually do by Friday though, which is great!  I'm still waiting on my ASOS groupon purchases and my Avon order to arrive.  I have 3 £5 No.7 vouchers which expire during the ban, however I'm not in need of any cosmetics at the moment so I may not use them.

So that's how I've done so far, don't forget to see how Charli is doing! :)


dinoprincesschar said...

Oh I think you're doing really well with it - i would be hopeless! I'm only not spoending on a dress i fell for this morning as I can't afford it til payday, which is frustratign as the website has a promotion on it between now and sunday - argh! oh well..keep up the good work! :)

Hazel said...

Keep it up! Some spending is unavoidable so please don't beat yourself up about anything you do spent out on. You have to allow for a little a complete ban will drive you crazy and you'll go mad!
I could do with a little of this reduced spending myself...

daisychain said...

I think your spending sounds totally balanced and sensible,
I dread to think how much I waste on pointless things!

Charli said...

Yey I am so proud of us xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

i hate how much seemingly small amounts of money really add up. You're doing great, its a really good idea.