Monday, 7 March 2011

You Look Familiar...

Hello one and all,

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was far from exciting as I was looking after my sister; I spent most of my time either making meals, cleaning up after meals, or cleaning in general!  Not very fun.  I asked mum to look in Nottingham for Gosh Holographic Nail Varnish, or the Urban Decay Naked Palette, however Nottingham proved unsuccessful on both counts, so I didn't even get a present, boo!

So back to work today.  Here's what I'm wearing:

I found this blouse in a charity shop last week.  I realise that the colour is very similar to my other gold blouse, however it is different because it has short sleeves, no collar and it's a size 12 so fits nicely, whereas the other is a 16 and very billowy!  (Although ignore the highly indecent gape at the chest. My bust is obviously increasing at an alarming rate) .The label on it is "Gerry Webber", and after googling it I found that it is a brand sold mainly in Menarys, which is an Irish department store chain, quite upper-end stuff.  I don't usually buy from it, as I would consider it a shop for "older ladies" (i.e.: it is my step-gran's favourite shop!) however I think this blouse was a great find for £4.50!  My mum really liked it too, especially the buttons and sleeve details:

In other news, I ordered some chinos and loafers from the Missguided website at 4pm on Friday, and received my parcel at noon on Saturday, which was excellent service! 

Dawn Pleat Front Tailored Trousers

Quaker Tassel Front Loafer
Sadly, I think that chinos and I are just not meant to be!  I ordered size 12, which I could get on, but they were too snug for my liking.  When mum saw them she informed me that pleats also make you look wider, so they're going back!  The loafers are lovely, but the size 8 was too tight and they don't do size 9 in footwear :( I was more disappointed about the loafers, as they are lovely, plus I have previously bought shearling boots and worker boots from Missguided, which fit me perfectly, so I really wasn't expecting to have to return them.  Mum tried them on and claims that they fit her, so she might keep them for herself.  She is usually a size 6/7 in shoes so that shows how small fitting they are - my big clown feet didn't stand a chance!!
Also, as I am now at 40 followers I am going to post my modest giveaway, so look out for that! :D


dinoprincesschar said...

i love that gold blouse, great find!
and i tried on some chinos at the weekend, needless to say that is never going to happen - me buying any, i mean! :)

Susy said...

Great find on the shirt, I love the buttons. Fancy coming to Edinburgh and shopping for me, I can never find anything as good as others can.

Such a shame about the shoes & chinos, that's the one thing I dislike about online shopping. Not that I'm great at trying things on in the shops either mind.

Sophie said...

lovely new gold top, its so pretty (wish my chest would grow at an alarming rate... second thoughts not as I'd have a hissyfit thinking I was preggers).
Shame about your chinos and loafers :(