Friday, 29 April 2011

Ye Olde 106th Blog Poste


This was a scheduled post, but blogger didn't post it.... typical!

I just realised that I totally surpassed my 100th post without any sort of note - oh well.  Happy 106th post to me!  Hello also to my latest followers, it's great to have you along!  Do I feel a 100 Followers Giveaway a-brewing?....

Anyways, just letting everyone know that I have created a new youtube account and channel.  My new youtube username is GottaLoveATrier and here is a link to my new channel --->

Once I have transferred all my videos over (hopefully by next Wednesday or Thursday) I will be deleting my old youtube account (laurensj87) so make sure you subscribe to the new one! :) I am going to film some videos over the next few days I hope, so I want to get the new channel totally sorted before I upload them, to try and avoid confusion.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out my latest videos if you haven't already watched them - Recent Haul: Beauty Products and What's In My Bag .

Enjoy the Royal Wedding (for those who are bothered!) and I'll be back soon!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

What I've Been Up To...

Hey everyone! There's a long post with photos a-plenty ahead, so be warned!  It's just a recap of what I got up to since last Friday, when I got off for Easter break.  My home computer really isn't great for doing my posts which is why I didn't get many done over the holidays!

Me and my boyfriend went to Glenariff Forest Park, which is about 17 miles around the coast from us.  It's a large forest with scenic walking routes through it and waterfalls.  It was a gorgeous day for it and really beautiful, but we got a bit lost and weren't sure if we were going the right way to get out... and there was a lot of uphill walking... my calves hurt for two days after!  I was also (stupidly) wearing very inappropraite footwear for the damp and stony paths! Oops! However it was a great place to visit and a chance to take some gorgeous photos.
BarryM Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream

I actually didn't take any photos on Saturday... I didn't do much though!  Rested my aching calf muscles and filmed a video... in the evening I had 3 glasses of wine at a friend's house and feel asleep while watching TV.  Par-tay.

(Easter) Sunday:
More relaxing!  Filmed another video and ate my first chocolate since Lent began! YUM.

Boots & Cardi - Primark
Jeans - Internacionale
T-Shirt - Peacocks
 I jazzed up the boring clothes with some aqua eyes:

And finished the day in one of the best ways...

Was going to go to a golf driving range with my boyfriend, however the whole Golf Club was closed!  So my boyfriend very kindly let me do some driving practice in his car! (actual drving, that is...)

Miss Sixty jeans - USC
Vest top - present from America
Cardi - Primark
Leopard flats - shoezone
 The jewellery I wore! ASOS mouse ring and welly necklace from a friend!

Neutral eyes this day:

*vroom vroom!*
I also posted another youtube video!  This is the one I recorded on Saturday - a "What's In My Bag" video:

I am currently thinking of creating a new youtube account so that my username will match my blog... I am worried about losing subsribers as I am now up the the mahoosive sum of 21!  Obviously I would upload all my current videos to the new channel.  So if I do successfully create a new one I will message all my subscribers with the details as well as posting them here.

After today I am off work (cheers, Prince William) until Wednesday!  I should be back in on Tuesday, however on Monday evening my boyfriend and I are going to see David Guetta in Belfast and staying in the Hilton.  Can't wait!  Will do some more videos and take lots of photos for you all :)  enjoy the break everyone!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Video - Recent Haul: Beauty Products

Hello all!

I finally got a video uploaded that I recorded at the weekend.  It's just a haul video of some cosmetic products that I've bought within the last week or so and my opinions on them so far.

Another video should be up tomorrow :)

You can subscribe to my channel if you like by clicking here...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Some Recent Stuffs...

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're all enjoying the Easter break, and your Easter Sunday!  After successfully not eating any chocolate over Lent (possibly the first time I've ever stuck to it) I started this morning off with 3 Cadbury's Roses sweets - yum!  I hope you're all having a big slap-up Easter dinner too; we're having curry!

Here are a few photos to cover the days I didn't blog last week (I missed it so much!!)

Birthday flowers from my boyfriend :)

I bought BarryM Lip Paint in 129... I'm a bit torn as I love the colour but don't know if it suits me...

New BarryM Nail Paints. LOVE!

OOTD on Wednesday:

Blazer - Tesco
Skirt, Cami, Blouse & tights - Primark

OOTD on Thursday:

Jacket - Dunnes
Dress - Tesco
Blouse, scarf & tights - Primark

More tomorrow folks! :D

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Review: Trinny & Susannah Magic Knickers

A few weeks ago on Twitter, Tights Please asked if there were any bloggers interested in reviewing some shapewear.  I have always been interested in the idea of shapewear to give a bit of sneaky help under dresses and unforgiving clothing, and so jumped at the opportunity.  Tights Please stock shapewear in many different styles that act as waist cinchers, body smoothers and thigh reducers, as well as tummy flatteners.  As my tummy is my "problem area" I requested the Trinny and Susannah Magic Tummy Flattening Bikini Brief.

I actually already own a pair of Trinny & Susannah Magic knickers, which are thong style and mighty painful after a few hours!  So I was pleased as these are very different; firstly as they're brief style, and secondly as they come up much higher than my other pair.

Once I had them out of the packet, I got a bit scared!  They are so small and tight I wondered how on earth I would ever get them on!

There is an elasticated panel in the middle which is meant to act as a waist cincher to help pull you in more!

It was a slight struggle to put them on, but easier than I thought!  They come up to just below my bra.  As my "test run" for this review, I subjected them to a full day of work.  I wore them under my tightest work dress, starting from 8am on Thursday morning, until around 6pm Thursday evening. 

*  I found them surprisingly comfortable; I thought that because they came up so high that they would be very restrictive but they weren't at all;
*  They are very tight and elasticated;
They definitely made my stomach area smoother and slightly flatter; I did think that the dress sat better on me when wearing them;
*  They made me more aware of my stomach, and so I felt that I was also more prone to standing straight and holding my tummy in while wearing them;
There was no VPL, though I did wear thick tights over them which may have disguised it more. 

I felt that the elasticated part that is meant to help cinch in the waist was not very effective for me, as it sat below my waist, but this may be because I am quite tall at 5ft 8".  Perhaps on someone shorter they would sit better for the waist band to be more effective;
The top was a bit loose on me;
*  Slightly hard to get on due to being so tight and elasticated!

I was very scared about taking the before and after photos; I don't pretend to be something I'm not, and I know that while being a size 12-14 does not make me "fat", it can be far from flattering in photos.  I think that it is scary for any woman to do these kind of photos, let alone post them online.  To give a fair idea of the results of the shapewear I took front and side shots with and without the camera flash...

With flash: 

Without flash:

With flash:

Without flash:

As you can see from the photos, there are visible results.  I found these very effective under my work dress, and would not hesitate to wear them under other dresses, whether for work, a night out or something more formal such as a wedding.  The shapewear definitely smoothes the silhouette and gives you a little extra help at flattening the tummy, as well as providing you with the extra confidence that comes with knowing you don't look lumpy and bumpy in your dresses!

Original Magic Knickers come in 9 different styles, in a range of colours, starting from £26.  Stocked nationwide and online at and  I would honestly say that these are worth trying, and as they can be worn under so many outfits for any occasion, they are well worth the money.

For my policy on reviews please see my Disclaimer page

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Back Soon...

Hey all,

Just a very speedy post to let you know that today and tomorrow I am going to be scarily busy in work trying to finish up many things before the Easter holidays, so I won't be able to post today or tomorrow or comment on any of your wonderful blogs.

Normal service should resume on Friday when I am off work... this means relying on using my house computer which is a totally different ball game.  I am currently sufferng money-guilt and have not yet ordered my laptop for fear that I won't use it enough or that I could be spending the money on something more worthwhile like car insurance.... argh!! You see my dilemma.

Anyways, I won't be gone long so see you all soon!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Back to Normality

It's not my birthday anymore :( awh!  I had a nice day anyway yesterday, met mum and gran for lunch, and spent the evening tidying out my drawers and wardrobe to make room for new clothes!  Tidying doesn't sound like much fun I suppose, but it was satifying to get it done, and I now have a mountain of stuff to give to charity, plus lots of room for new clothes which is always nice!

Here's yesterday's work outfit:

Blazer - Tesco
Scarf, Vest Top, Blouse, Skirt, Tights & Necklace - Primark

As you can see, it was mainly made up of my new items!  I really liked this combination and I think it will be a firm favourite of mine from now on.  I was also pleased with the nude tights, to a certain extent, as they didn't give me weird looking 'mannequin legs', my mum and gran didn't even realise I was wearing tights, they though I had fake-tanned!  However they are very thin, so when I set my camera case on my lap and the velcro bit accidentally caught on my tights, it was ladder city for the rest of the day.  At least they're only £2 for a pack of 2 I suppose.

I also got this from mum as a birthday present (which I ordered myself!):
I have never been into the whole Pandora charm bracelet trend, as I think that although they're pretty, the expense is unreal; I would never trust myself to wear hundreds of pounds worth of beads on my wrist! However I got this bracelet and the charms from Loving The Bead via  They are such a bargain, and look just as pretty!

I also got this cute poodle necklace from my step-gran:

I'm not a 'dog person' but this is adorable and really sparkley.  Also my ELF order arrived yesterday.  The eye primer and foundation brush are for myself, the lip gloss was a free gift with the order, and there are also two eyeshadow palettes underneath which are going to be presents for mum and a friend for their birthdays.

Here is today's work outfit:

Blazer - Tesco
Scarf & Tights - Primark
Blouse - Peacocks
Dress - TK Maxx
This photo really does my new dress no justice!  It looks much better in real life.  Perhaps it's just a bad photo... New favourite scarf, much?!

Finally, Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk tagged me in the Sunshine Award - thanks Sophie!

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1) Thank the person who gave you the award;
2) Write a post about it;
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I pass this award on to:

Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Monday everyone! And Happy Birthday to me! :D

I am in work today, but meeting my mum and gran for lunch, and had some early birthday shopping and celebrations on Saturday.  I will post photos of what I got now but I won't say much about the items here because I also filmed a haul video so I would just be repeating myself! So you can watch the video for more detail...  Hello as well to my new followers!  I couldn't believe it when I saw I was up to 74 today, it's like an extra birthday present!

I exchanged the CK dress in the end.  And encountered the most incompetent shop assistant in all the world while doing so.  But that is a story for another day, folks.


TK Maxx: 




£3 each
Scarf - £4, Necklace - £1.50, Tights - £2

River Island: 
Sunglasses - £14.99, Purse - £19.99

Present from Uncle & Aunt:

What I wore on Saturday night:
Pleather jacket - TK Maxx, New Dress - H&M, Shoes - Tesco

I broke my Lent for this birthday cake. So worth it.

Mum's homemade meringue <3