Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Back to Normality

It's not my birthday anymore :( awh!  I had a nice day anyway yesterday, met mum and gran for lunch, and spent the evening tidying out my drawers and wardrobe to make room for new clothes!  Tidying doesn't sound like much fun I suppose, but it was satifying to get it done, and I now have a mountain of stuff to give to charity, plus lots of room for new clothes which is always nice!

Here's yesterday's work outfit:

Blazer - Tesco
Scarf, Vest Top, Blouse, Skirt, Tights & Necklace - Primark

As you can see, it was mainly made up of my new items!  I really liked this combination and I think it will be a firm favourite of mine from now on.  I was also pleased with the nude tights, to a certain extent, as they didn't give me weird looking 'mannequin legs', my mum and gran didn't even realise I was wearing tights, they though I had fake-tanned!  However they are very thin, so when I set my camera case on my lap and the velcro bit accidentally caught on my tights, it was ladder city for the rest of the day.  At least they're only £2 for a pack of 2 I suppose.

I also got this from mum as a birthday present (which I ordered myself!):
I have never been into the whole Pandora charm bracelet trend, as I think that although they're pretty, the expense is unreal; I would never trust myself to wear hundreds of pounds worth of beads on my wrist! However I got this bracelet and the charms from Loving The Bead via Amazon.co.uk.  They are such a bargain, and look just as pretty!

I also got this cute poodle necklace from my step-gran:

I'm not a 'dog person' but this is adorable and really sparkley.  Also my ELF order arrived yesterday.  The eye primer and foundation brush are for myself, the lip gloss was a free gift with the order, and there are also two eyeshadow palettes underneath which are going to be presents for mum and a friend for their birthdays.

Here is today's work outfit:

Blazer - Tesco
Scarf & Tights - Primark
Blouse - Peacocks
Dress - TK Maxx
This photo really does my new dress no justice!  It looks much better in real life.  Perhaps it's just a bad photo... New favourite scarf, much?!

Finally, Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk tagged me in the Sunshine Award - thanks Sophie!

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FitznBitz said...

Thank you! :) What exactly IS a Sunshine Award!!!?

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the outfits!!

Sadie x


dinoprincesschar said...

i love that outfit, the scarf is lovely :)

daisychain said...

You work workwear like no other!

Sophie - Country girl said...

both your workwear outfits are stunning! That scarf is going to get lots of use, its so pretty! I could't trust myself with expensive jewellery, I'm so careless.

Hazel said...

Its fun to tidy when it means more room for new clothes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag!!!

I love your work outfits. I get so jealous that people get the chance to dress up for work!

I love the Pandora style bracelets, anything silver and jangly does it for me. My only expensive bits are my wedding and engagement rings and a Links of London watch. I do have an expensive that I bought because I was drunk in Mexico and couldn't convert Peso to dollars to pounds. I got a bit of shock when my credit card bill arrived!