Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Monday everyone! And Happy Birthday to me! :D

I am in work today, but meeting my mum and gran for lunch, and had some early birthday shopping and celebrations on Saturday.  I will post photos of what I got now but I won't say much about the items here because I also filmed a haul video so I would just be repeating myself! So you can watch the video for more detail...  Hello as well to my new followers!  I couldn't believe it when I saw I was up to 74 today, it's like an extra birthday present!

I exchanged the CK dress in the end.  And encountered the most incompetent shop assistant in all the world while doing so.  But that is a story for another day, folks.


TK Maxx: 




£3 each
Scarf - £4, Necklace - £1.50, Tights - £2

River Island: 
Sunglasses - £14.99, Purse - £19.99

Present from Uncle & Aunt:

What I wore on Saturday night:
Pleather jacket - TK Maxx, New Dress - H&M, Shoes - Tesco

I broke my Lent for this birthday cake. So worth it.

Mum's homemade meringue <3


Penny and Lola said...

Happy birthday ! Love the outfit you wore and that cake looks amazing , I would break lent for that aswell ! xx

*Zoe* said...

Happy Birthday lovely!
You look fab in your Saturday outfit.
And I have the Primark scarf - it's gorgeous isn't it?! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, hopw you have a great one.Primark is so good at the minute isn't it!! Your mum's meringue looks yummy, great summery pudding too xxx

cornflakegirl said...

Happy Birthday.

I love , love, love the outfit you wore on Saturday night and the cake looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Mmm that cake and meringue look amazing! Happy Bday xx Love your Sat night outfit, the dress is lovely xx

daisychain said...

Happy Birthday! You look stunning xo

Anonymous said...

What a fab haul! You look lovely in that outfit.

Hope you had a great day! I kept meaning to tweet happy birthday to you and I forgot, so sorry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Sophie - Country girl said...

I am so jealous of your new clothes! You look gorgeous in your new dress, I adore the print!
That homemade meringue looks amezzzzing!
Happy birthday :)
Oh and extra pressie, I tagged you for the Sunshine award on my blog <3

Monique said...

I love the first dress!! the print is just amazing!

Monique xx

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday, gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333
Twitter: @GlamKitten88