Friday, 15 April 2011

Help Required - Keep or Return?

Hey everyone!

Last night two of my best friendsgave me a TK Maxx gift card as an early birthday present.  So I went there at lunch time today, with the intention of looking for something to wear for the night out tomorrow night.

While there were no great "going out" style dresses that caught my eye, this one did.  It's Calvin Klein and I thought it would be great primarily for work (with a top underneath!), but also could be suitable for formal occasions too.

I was quite pleased with my purchase (if feeling slightly guilty about the price; post-spending ban guilt?) until I got home and showed it to my mum.  I thought that she would like it too... but she doesn't.  My mum doesn't sugar coat the truth if she thinks that something doesn't suit me, and so it has really put a dampener on it.  She prefers me in my usual 'pencil' style dresses, and doesn't like the flare of the skirt.

What do you think I should do with it?  Keep or return?  Please comment or tweet me with your honest opinions!! Be brutal! (apart from the no make up or tan, though...)

On the hanger

Close up of top
Pleated, flared skirt

So ladies, what should I do?  To be honest I'm now leaning towards return, as I think it makes me look very "hippy"... this may not be my perfect work dress, but it is out there somewhere!


Bonnie said...

You better keep that bitch.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Leanne Marie said...

Its probably because you are so used to wearing pencil dresses that putting on a different style seems a bit weird.

Take it from me though, this looks stunning on you. DONT RETURN IT!!


CarolineGsbM said...

I think it looks great, the style really suits you. Is your mum visualizing it with tan, make up and jewellery?



Penny and Lola said...

It will deffo be good for work , you should go back and look around and see if you spot something you like more espesh if it was really expensive! xx

FitznBitz said...

Hippy my ARSE! It does not!! Gives u a lovely little waist too. Looks as though it can dressed up for going out as it has a bit of boobage and would be lovely with different colour belts and jewelary. And then for work as you said with a top underneath or a cardi. I say keep. Everyone needs a stable black dress in their wardrobe... and ps in case you've forgotten, it's Calvin Klein!!

FitznBitz said...

BUT in saying that, you should be excited to wear a new item, my recent rule with clothes is if i'm not immediatly saying oooh thats lovely, i throw it our or put it back.

Great advice there Laura - a don't return and a return!! HA!!

giddynici said...

I think it's really nice. The fit is lovely but maybe it could do with being a touch shorter. A slightly higher pair of shoes could give that impression though. x

Karen said...

It's gorgeous! But I do agree with FitznBitz, you should love it if you're gonna keep it, and be dying to have an occasion to wear it out, otherwise it'll be kept in the back of the wardrobe hehe If you already feel self conscious, then you will be every time you wear it, I speaka from de experience hehe

*Zoe* said...

I think it looks really nice on you. You're prob just used to your usual pencil skirt shape but this does look lovely. If you're not feeling 100% in it though I would take it back xx

Imogen said...

Definitely keep. I have been looking for a black dress recently so naturally I love it. I think it would look great with a red belt and red heels.

Sophie - Country girl said...

I can't believe you are in any doubt, but you HAVE to keep it. The fit shows off your amazing figure, I would love to look like that in a dress. If you feel comfy in it then def keep it. If you're used to a different fit then its going to feel a little alien.
Have a great weekend hun x

Miss Educator said...

Keep it Keep it Keep it..... If your mom is anything like me, then she probably just has a fear of those A line type dresses and so I end up avoiding them for no real reason. This one is great, it doesnt puff out at all on you....Keep it x

Blah Blah Becky said...

I honestly think it looks lovely on you!

My Mum has an annoying habit of doing that too. But the way I see it is if you're so easily put off it, take it back. If you really loved it you wouldn't care what she thinks!

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